5 podcasts feature feminist content in Mexico

By Mitzi Hernández


Mexico City, Mexico


The representation of women in the media — in development positions, as hosts, or even as protagonists of news — continues to show high levels of inequality.

Many media are making an effort to generate content with a more balanced gender perspective. Brands are even taking this up as an inclusive campaign method, and it has helped them to attract new generations.

But the reality is somewhat harsher. According to estimates by the non-profit organisation Sí por México, gender-based violence increased 92% in 2020 in Mexico.

The voices of feminist movements found their way across podcasts, so independent spaces multiplied. These five podcasts from Latin America address sisterhood and new generations of women who protect themselves from daily violence. They encourage listeners to denounce, investigate, rethink, and share.

La Nota Roja

This podcast is in both Spanish and English. It narrates the story of femicides in Ciudad Juárez across 10 episodes with an interwoven documentary. This is done through interviews with the victims’ relatives who continue to search for them and the story of Lydia Cacho, a journalist who was tortured for exposing a child pornography network.

It is heartbreaking content, in which we empathise with the families of the victims when all they find is impunity, ridicule, and no attention from the authorities.


This podcast is on its fifth season, and each season has 10 episodes. In each episode, they talk about diverse topics that affect women, such as equal marriage, pop culture, and the image of women in the media.

It is hosted by Nerea Torres, Nelly Rincón, and Rosy, and they also invite specialists on the show who deal with specific issues and research that tends to have a feminist lens associated with human rights.

Históricas Podcast

Nahilea González, Daniela Moctezuma, Greta Díaz, and Frida González present cultural issues that affect women — from body acceptance to romantic love. This is a space that has offered strength for girls who want to start learning about feminism.

The second part of each production focuses on historical figures who have made it into the history books. These are women of other generations with notable achievements in political, scientific, and other areas where women have been invisible.

Remotas Podcast

This podcast is based on personal experiences. The three hosts are in different cities as are the guests who share their stories, hence the name of the podcast.

Published biweekly and in its second season, this podcast features hosts Begoña Irazábal, Sofía Cerda Campero, and Sofía Garfias, who discuss issues that concern them as professionals and human beings.

Slow Fizz

In general, the arts have become a catharsis for anger and impotence, or as a way to change a macho society. This space is about women’s music with themes of strength.

Karina Cabrera decided to open this space when she saw female talent in the rock and alternative music industry go unnoticed. This was true not only when signing contracts or recording records, but when also didn’t have space at festivals in other forms of distribution.

While the other four podcasts noted above are on the main podcast platforms, Slow Fizz is only found on Mixcloud, arguing that it is the fairest space for music and podcast creators.

The spaces continue to multiply. Although the podcast boom that took place in the first half of 2020 has slowed a bit and it is still not known how this will change the market, independent messages are finding a niche that needs this type of forum.

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