INMA launches 17 niche newsletters for members

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, United States


As senior editor at INMA, I am proud of the content we deliver to you via and your inbox five days a week. We have more than 60 global bloggers that create our content universe, supplemented by industry headlines, case studies, and best practices. You are no doubt accustomed to seeing all this delivered to you in an e-mail from us either each business day or, if you want a to take it all in at once, a weekly e-mail. You see what I see — all the content that flows in from a variety of sources on a variety of topics in the news media industry.

But, like your media audience, we know many of you might want to see a more personalised version of INMA news. To this end, I offer you our newsletter initiative, which rolls out on Monday.

INMA now offers a daily, weekly, and niche view of our content.
INMA now offers a daily, weekly, and niche view of our content.

INMA is launching 17 newsletters designed to provide members with the specific content you are narrowly interested in. Now, in addition to the daily and weekly option, my team and I are creating 17 newsletters — organised by macro-topic, micro-topic, and world region — and released every 30-60 days, depending on content volume. Here are your choices:

Macro-topic newsletters:

  • Advertising
  • Audience
  • Business Intelligence
  • Content and Product
  • Leadership

Micro-topic newsletters:

  • Brand Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Engagement and Retention
  • Emerging Advertising Platforms
  • Emerging Product Platforms
  • Print
  • Social Platforms

Regional newsletters:

  • Asia/Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America
  • South Asia

I want to give you as close to a pinpoint view of the “INMA conversation” as possible. Want to activate your newsletter(s)? Go to your member profile and edit your newsletters. Shoot me an e-mail if you have questions. And I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed planning them.

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