“INMA Knows” content curation project offers members a deep dive on 6 key topics

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, United States


It all started about two weeks into the COVID lockdown in Europe, which spread to other regions of the world like an inevitable wave. The amount of content we were gathering, based on case studies of how news media companies worldwide were responding to the health and financial crises, was staggering.

INMA Executive Director/CEO Earl J. Wilkinson and I met when we worked for a small daily newspaper in East Texas when we were both in college. Suddenly, we were thrown back to that rhythm. We checked in with each other every morning, and by the end of the day — sometimes after dinner — we checked in again to see what had changed. I was texting with members in Hong Kong, e-mailing with members in Singapore, conducting Zoom interviews with members in Copenhagen and Dallas. 

Once we had a moment to look at what we’d gathered from a 30,000-feet view instead of a daily newspaper deadline view, we knew we had something special.

Turns out, we have lots of somethings that are special. 

INMA Knows debuts with deep, curated dives into six topics, including Third-Party Cookies and Advertising.
INMA Knows debuts with deep, curated dives into six topics, including Third-Party Cookies and Advertising.

One of the great benefits of the INMA community is that we have the news industry’s foremost collection of best practices on how to grow audience, revenue, and brand. The downside is it’s easy to get lost in our voluminous content.

We quickly curated our COVID content into what we called “INMA Knows: COVID-19 Response,” because certainly INMA quickly became an expert. Then we pivoted to create the same curated experience on other topics on which we knew we had a plethora of content.

To help you navigate a little better through all this content, I am pleased to announce the launch of a content distillation project called “INMA Knows,” which broadens our pandemic content efforts into multiple topics.

Our aim with INMA Knows is to personally curate all our resources on hot subjects. At the launch of this initiative, we have curated internal-to-INMA and external materials on:

In these first six subjects, the modules are personally curated by Earl, Mark Challinor, and me. No doubt there will be guest curators in the future as we add “INMA Knows” modules.

The default view for you will be “Most Important,” yet you can toggle into a “Most Recent” view, too. 

We already have a list of INMA Knows topics that are next up to add, including churn reduction, print, smart data, and digital platforms. As we add to INMA Knows, we will let you know. If you have a subject of interest, let me know. If we have a deep well of content, we’ll curate it. If we don’t, maybe it’s a subject we need to dig into.

I hope you enjoy using this new content toy as much as I enjoyed creating it. And to our members who continually do important work throughout the world and share it with us, I thank you. Youve made this project possible. Keep up the good work!

Banner image courtesy of XPS on Unsplash.

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