INMA Elevate Scholar: Muhammad Hussain of Media24

By Michelle Palmer Jones

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


On October 28, 2021, INMA and Google News Initiative (GNI) awarded their Elevate Scholarship to 50 news media professionals around the world. This series features these impressive media professionals who are shaping our industry.

Having been born in 1990, Muhammad Hussain understands the importance of digital. When he began interning at City Press in South Africa, Hussain not only saw first-hand the importance of shifting from a newspaper-only publication to having a massive digital presence but in his more than six years at the company, he helped lead the charge.

Muhammad Hussain understands the importance of digital and has helped lead the charge for it at City Press.
Muhammad Hussain understands the importance of digital and has helped lead the charge for it at City Press.

Now serving as deputy digital editor, it’s not just about the digital presence for Hussain, he also takes great pride in telling authentic stories that influence the lives of South Africa’s youth. He sees the importance of mentoring younger members of the media and encourages them to make changes.

Looking to the future, Hussain sees power in learning more about how the pandemic has forever changed media companies, especially when it comes to storytelling and the impact it has on people’s lives, safety, health, and other critical factors. 

Inclusion is a big goal for Hussain as he is second-generation Muslim male of Indian descent. He knows he has a unique perspective compared to many of his peers and can change the narrative when it involves stereotypes of Indian males.

Gabriel Seeber is the editorial manager at City Press. He describes Hussain as skilled, insightful, and ambitious, especially with the company’s digital strategy. Seeber recognises Hussain has a diverse understanding of the digital space and how to deliver news and data that readers want.

He sees Hussain’s contribution to the industry as including diversity of opinion and insight as well as a sensitivity to marginalised voices.

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