Apprenticeship Campaign on VOL.AT
2024 Finalist

Apprenticeship Campaign on VOL.AT


Schwarzach, Austria

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Overview of this campaign

The primary goal of this product is to make it easier for our clients to effectively reach their target audience. In today's competitive environment, finding apprentices requires innovation and the ability to stand out: so we have created a combination of Vorarlberg's most widely read news portal and the ideal way to address apprentices. The newly created placement on VOL.AT called "Video Bar" can play vertical videos (9:16) in autoplay and in a continuous loop. In an often text-based and static environment, videos stand out even more. The videos played have a special feature: They focus on one person, usually an apprentice from the company advertising, who speaks directly and authentically into the camera. This personal approach in the 30-second videos brings a human touch to the users of VOL.AT. If the client doesn't have a suitable video on hand, we offer a free production in our TV studio, which takes about 20 minutes. By enabling even small businesses to produce free video that targets potential apprentices, we provide a unique and powerful way to reach the youth demographic in Vorarlberg. This approach aligns with the modern, digital habits of potential apprentices. This strategy not only increases the visibility of apprenticeship opportunities, but also allows our clients to break new ground in digital marketing, ensuring they make a distinctive and memorable impact in their recruitment efforts.

Results for this campaign

After the product launch, we started implementation: Fulterer, a family-owned regional manufacturer of drawer slide systems, faces the annual challenge of finding its apprentices of tomorrow. When Fulterer approached us, we knew what to do: we launched the campaign and shot the video in our TV studio - free of charge, of course.

The video campaign achieved remarkable success and made a strong impact on how Fulterer gets perceived as an employer. In total, the campaign generated more than 770,000 contacts across multiple channels, emphasizing its wide reach and effective targeting. The campaign's performance on VOL.AT was particularly noteworthy, on which it reached more than 470,000 contacts. This has shown once again how well video advertising works, especially when the content is short and to the point, as well as personal and relatable. This strategic and creative use of modern media significantly raised Fulterer's profile as an attractive employer and differentiated it from its competitors. The campaign not only increased website visits by 60 times compared to the previous month but also attracted the attention of a diverse audience, including new applicants, demonstrating its overall success.

And the feedback speaks for itself: the client emphasized that the entire process, from brainstorming to video shooting, was handled by a single source and was therefore very convenient.


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