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Tribe One Dinokeng: Sony's Disastrous ‘Fyre Festival’
2024 Finalist

Tribe One Dinokeng: Sony's Disastrous ‘Fyre Festival’

Daily Maverick

Cape Town, South Africa

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

Our video wasn’t just about chronicling the disastrous South African festival that mirrored Fyre Fest. It was a multi-pronged campaign with ambitious objectives:
1. Reach a wider audience outside of DM readership: We aimed to reach a wider audience outside of our dedicated readership. The festival’s local and international appeal, coupled with the Sony Music connection, presented a gateway to engage new viewers interested in stories of extravagance, deception, and the societal consequences that follow a lack of accountability. 
2. Spark a conversation: Our target was to ignite a broader conversation about power dynamics, corporate accountability, and the lasting impact on vulnerable communities. We highlighted how taxpayer funds were misspent, while local vendors and service providers remained saddled with debt.
3. Raise awareness: This wasn’t just a cautionary tale. We sought to spur real-world change by raising awareness about the devastating ripple effects of such mismanagement and fraud. While many focused on the charismatic con artist at the helm, our video shone a light on the involvement of Sony Music, demonstrating how major corporations can contribute to such disasters through negligence or collaboration. This aimed to spark discourse about ethical responsibility within the music industry.
Our video wasn't just entertainment: We sought to inform, engage, and empower a diverse audience, sparking dialogue about issues that transcend the specific event. Its ambition lay in holding power to account, demanding transparency, and ensuring that those least responsible don’t bear the brunt of such disasters.

Results for this campaign

1. In total, the video reached over half a million readers/ viewers (over 620,000) who not only viewed but engaged, commented, and shared the video with their own networks. 
On TikTok we reached an entirely new audience, bringing in viewers who might not have otherwise engaged with Daily Maverick, in the 18 - 34 age bracket. 
2. Spark a conversation: 
From TikTok’s vibrant commentary to Instagram’s insightful observations and Daily Maverick’s in-depth analyses, the video triggered a robust public conversation regarding the South African festival’s failure. 
Viewers across platforms actively engaged with the content, debating potential consequences, dissecting the financial irregularities linked to Ramokgopa’s tenure as mayor and his appointment as South Africa’s minister of electricity, and demanding accountability from those responsible. This sustained engagement exemplifies the video’s effectiveness in stimulating engagement and reflection and igniting a wider dialogue surrounding issues of public trust, financial responsibility, and the lasting impact of such failures on local communities.
A sample of the messages we received:
“Really compelling journalistic work done here. Congratulations and thank you to Diana Neille and everyone involved in covering this”
“A brilliant piece of investigative journalism and I think it's fair to say that there are ‘dead’ sites like this lying all over South Africa”
In addition, the video gave us two separate story leads, which our team of journalists could then investigate. 
3. Raise awareness: 
The video was shared widely and created awareness within the music industry, sparking people to take action against the festival’s organisers.
Here is a sample of the messages we received:
“A close friend of mine sent me a link to a tiktok that has been produced by the daily maverick [sic]. Jandre Louw was in Kigali for the [x] awards & festival - he is working with Music for Wildlife / wild africa fund and came for a few days.. Thank you for shedding light on this Dinokeng story, we were going to be media partners…”


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