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2024 Finalist
Roads So Annoying!

Roads So Annoying!

The Times of India

Chennai, India

Category Social Media

Overview of this campaign

The Roads So Annoying campaign was launched to change the experience of traversing the roads of Chennai, it had a twofold objective:

1. To sensitize and engage with the road users on the violation of road rules

2. To persuade the authorities to strictly enforce the rules

1: Sensitize and Engage:

Why sensitize? While the traffic violations are blatant, it has become a way of life, and the violators and the enforcers have become “numb” to the situation. Hence, it was important to "wake up" the road users to the fact that there was a blatant violation. Humor is the best emotion to drive this and a series of advertisements  “annoying short stories” very cheekily highlighted the violations and implications of it. This also helped to differentiate from the regular traffic campaigns that are preachy.

-  To further drive the message a musical video " Roads So Annoying Anthem - Arivu for the Roads! Ft. Rapper Arivu was made, and this went viral and helped reach all ages. The video hit over 2M on YT within 10 days of release.

-  Extending the humor we created digital content in collaboration with Stand-Up comedian Ramkumar in Tamil where he took a dig at violators and also served as an eye-opener to the public, as this made people smile it also made them think.

    2: Violations and Solutions

A strong editorial leg that deep-dived into the issue, suggested probable solutions, and covered top violations were featured regularly along with stories of victims and authorities. During this phase, we also invited user-generated content and expert bytes to promote and increase the reach of the campaign


Results for this campaign


The three-month campaign(April 23- June 23) did captivate the screens as well as triggered tangible change on Chennai's streets:

  • Social media engagement surpassed 22 million, with influential figures.
  • Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and other celebrities, re-posting our message on X.
  • Cumulative video views soared past 17 million, testifying to the campaign's digital prowess.
  • Roads So Annoying Anthem - “Arivu for the Roads! Ft. Rapper Arivu went viral and hit 2 Million on YT in less than 10 days.
  • Greater Chennai Police responded assertively, with challans (fines for violation) surging from 1,07,000 (April '23) to 2,02,000 (June '23). Notably,  June witnessed a 46% increase in violators booked compared to April '23, underscoring the campaign's impact.
  •  A special drive near 255 schools, deploying 560 police personnel, showcased our commitment to concrete change.
  • Initiatives near schools resulted in over 25,000 challans for stop-line violations.
  • Authorities painted 565 fresh stop lines to address poor signage.



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