VG's Use of TikTok as a Source for Evolving Our Entire Video Product
2024 Finalist

VG's Use of TikTok as a Source for Evolving Our Entire Video Product


Oslo, Norway

Category Social Media

Overview of this campaign

Our main goal on TikTok is to establish a strong connection with the younger generation. By taking their media habits seriously and adapting the news to their mode, platform, and expectations for visual content, we aim to provide them with a positive news experience that can benefit VG in the long run. The target audience for our content on TikTok is 15-25 year olds.

By delivering news on TikTok, we offer them help in navigating a vast and confusing news landscape. Once young individuals have seen VG's news videos on TikTok, we want them to possess enough information on the topic to engage in discussions, form their own opinions, and be inspired to conduct their own research.

Therefore, it is a fundamental principle for us to share real news and cover the most serious issues, rather than merely operating as an account for viral videos and entertainment. We believe that any news story can go viral, if it is just presented the right way. TikTok is so central to our ambition of winning the youth, that we now finish every video with saying «You'll always find more news on VG», engaging them to check out our website.

On TikTok, we also have a unique opportunity to communicate with the youth. They may not be present in the comment sections of other social media platforms, but on TikTok, we receive immediate feedback, can directly respond to their questions, and demonstrate that we want to listen to them and take them seriously. The engagement we've seen is heartening – from thousands of comments showing appreciation for our innovative reporting, to user-generated content where followers respond to VGs videos.

Campaign goals:

  • Reach younger audiences with news

  • Grow our audience (reach 250.000 followers before 2024)

  • Increase engagement and interactivity on each video

Brand goals:

  • Increase VG top of mind within the target audience

  • Learn and gain new insights

Results for this campaign

VGs presence on TikTok has surpassed all expectations. In the first six months of the new strategy, VG experienced nearly a 100% increase in followers. Additionally, both video views and engagement soared by over 500%. That was a year ago.

Since then, VG has grown another almost 150% in the number of followers, placing us over 100,000 ahead of our closest competitors.

In 2023, we achieved a remarkable 1017% increase in video views compared to 2022.

Simultaneously, we continue to boost engagement: In 2023, we increased the number of likes on TikTok by 577%.

We make complex news stories attract hundreds of thousands of viewers because we've learned to create news on the terms of the youth.

We've taken significant strides in live TV over the past year. We broadcasted a vertical, customised version of the «VG-lista» concert live on TikTok, attracting 80,000 unique viewers.

During the Norwegian elections in the fall of 2023, we streamed VG's election night coverage on TikTok, with 50,000 Norwegian youths tuning in.

50% of our 260.000 TikTok followers are under 25 years old. Over 70% are under 35 years old. 60% of our followers are women, and 90% of them are norwegians.

VG on TikTok is a tremendous success. We are effectively delivering news to the younger audience, establishing direct contact with one of the most challenging demographics for media houses to reach, and rapidly evolving VG's own products.



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