Fædrelandsvennen ung
2024 Finalist

Fædrelandsvennen ung


Kristiansand, Norway

Category Readership and Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

The purpose of the project is to facilitate youth engagement in society and encourage active citizenship.  


But how do we actually reach young adults with journalism? Young adults prioritize social media over online newspapers as their primary news source. They also tend to trust social media and alternative news platforms more. Additionally, they are less willing to pay for online news subscriptions. 

Youth also describe a significant barrier to actively participating in public discourse. This barrier encompasses various factors, including a lack of courage to express their views and practical issues like feeling insufficiently informed on current affairs.  

We firmly believe that young individuals need access to high-quality editorial news to navigate the overwhelming sea of daily information. Furthermore, we emphasize that this access should be equitable, irrespective of whether their families have a tradition of news consumption. 

In the fall of 2023, we established a unique partnership with local businesses, foundations and public high schools in Kristiansand. 

Our approach involves: 

  • Providing every student with a personal subscription to fvn.no, generously funded by local businesses and foundations.  


  • Employing five young journalists. This team plays a crucial role in engaging young audiences. These journalists are chosen not only for their journalistic skills but also for their ability to connect with and understand the perspectives of the younger demographic.  


  • Engaging young individuals to utilize their subscriptions for access to local news is an ongoing endeavour. We curate content from the 'YOUTH' section at fvn.no/ung and actively share it across social media platforms, a dedicated push category, and through communication with their teachers in a Facebook Group 


  • We've isolated them as a distinct segment with a unique user interface. 


  • By conducting school visits to engage with students on topics such as ethical journalism, critical source analysis, and the importance of youth engagement for a thriving democracy. 


  • Hosting debate workshops for youth, fostering an environment where young voices are encouraged to contribute their opinions and ideas on fvn.no 

Results for this campaign

Reach: Number of students that have a subscription on fvn.no. 

Per now, 2.176 students have signed up for å subscription on fvn.no in Kristiansand, out of approximately 4200 students in High School. This means that we have managed to log in just over 50% of the students in less than six months 

Depth. Number of articles read by a student per day 

Per now, students read on average around 5.5 articles per day. This is, of course, lower than paying “adult” subscribers, but still a high number that we believe holds up in comparison with many other online newspapers in the world. We are working to increase that number and have seen a positive development in the past months. 

Activity/engagement: Number of Classroom visits 

Per now, we have visited 98 out of approximatly 205. We use an automated feedback form following each classroom visit, allowing teachers to share improvement suggestions, tips, advice, and express their desires for FVN Ung. Out of the 98 class visits, we've achieved a 100% satisfaction score. Teachers strongly support our project, finding it easier to integrate relevant sources into their teaching. They also note the motivational impact of practical assignments that could lead to their students' work being published with us. One consistent request from multiple teachers is for us to spend more time in their classrooms, a suggestion we've taken to heart by extending our classroom visits. 

Activity/engagement: Number of published opinion pieces by teenagers 

Notably, we've increased the publication of opinion pieces authored by young individuals, fostering their participation in societal discussions. We believe in spending time with them.


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