Young Audience Focus Month
2024 Finalist

Young Audience Focus Month


Stockholm, Sweden

Category Readership and Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

In the evolving landscape of media consumption, Expressen recognized the need to adapt to the changing habits of younger generations. With a growing preference for social media over traditional news websites among younger audiences, Expressen faced the challenge of engaging this demographic. People under 35 years old represent the largest group of Swedes who do not regularly visit Expressen today, and when they do visit the site, they consume less content on average than other age groups.

Inspired by the successful “Engagement Month” in spring 2022, where Expressen’s entire editorial team shifted from driving digital subscription conversions to focusing on subscription engagement, a “Young Audience Focus Month” was decided in 2023 for the 18 to 34-year-old target group. The aim was to establish a sustained focus on the younger audience into daily editorial processes, enhance the representation of young voices in articles, videos, and podcasts, and achieve measurable increases in engagement among young visitors.

To achieve this, the editorial team needed to deepen their knowledge of the young audience’s habits. Therefore, all departments participated in a series of inspirational presentations, TikTok training, and workshops. These sessions were designed to increase understanding of the young demographic and explore strategies to boost readership among this group.
Before starting in November, all departments established clear and ambitious goals. Expressen’s site team, responsible for the site’s homepage, set clear guidelines on how articles and videos targeting young people should constantly be prioritized and visible.

The marketing team also participated in the initiative, experimenting with various social media marketing strategies aimed at the young audience. The campaigns aimed to boost app downloads and digital subscriptions for Expressen among this demographic.

Results for this campaign

During the period, the number of articles tailored for young people more than doubled. Over 800 articles were crafted, resulting in a 35% higher engagement rate from young readers compared to other articles, with social media traffic on these pieces 80% higher than average. The number of people aged 18-34 visiting Expressen increased drastically during the period according to the official Swedish market tracking, and the initiative was clearly reflected in their engagement. But it was not just a better news site for young people, but a better news site for all demographics.

To monitor the work and outcomes, special dashboards focusing on young audience data were created, and each morning, a new report was sent out. It included daily insights into engagement levels, the proportion of young readers various articles had, and how Expressen was doing overall.
Daily meetings were held to review the site from top to bottom to continuously optimize the teasers and articles for the younger audience. Other weekly meetings also had a clear focus on discussing content for young people during this period.

Several social media marketing campaigns provided interesting lessons and successful results. The campaigns for app downloads were especially successful for the 18-24 age group.

The initiative created so much positive results and engagement within the editorial team that it was extended into December. In December, the next phase of work towards young people began as well: in-depth research and development work, starting with in-depth interviews with young readers and a comprehensive survey.In January 2024, a dedicated, cross-functional project group continued to develop and strategize, offering recommendations for an improved long-term strategy to reach and engage younger news consumers.


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