Region Västernorrland: The World's Worst Secret
2024 Finalist

Region Västernorrland: The World's Worst Secret

Bonnier News

Stockholm, Sweden

Category Public Relations and Community Service

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Overview of this campaign

The objective was simple, but nevertheless, immensely important.

Get all young women, but primarily women born 1994-2001 vaccinated against the HPV-Virus withing three years, to prevent cervical cancer and other tyopes of cancers. And hopefully - crush the virus in the region.

Previous campaign efforts showed that even though the information was easily accessible online and in several languages. Vaccination rates were nowhere near the levels needed to make this goal in time. They needed a new approach. One that looked different, and worked in a less traditional manner. And since young women are more likely to take advice from their peers rather than community service campaigns, we needed to make a shift. 

We treated the whole subject like one big secret. The world's worst kept secret. A campaign that ran from October 2023 to January 2024. 

At first we acted like we were sharing secret information with them and them only, via display ads on news websites, via print ads in local newspapers, and via social media posts targeted to young people in the region. This made them look twice, and actually read the information.

The next part of the campaign was when we let them know it was alright to spread the word, to stop the spread of the virus. Share this infomration with friends and loved ones, and tell them to book an appointment to get vaccinated. 

Finally we launched our final part of the campaign and admitted: The secret is out! By now you should all know how, why and where to get vaccinated against HPV. And apparently, they did. 


Results for this campaign

Our little play on “secrecy” worked. And while traditional media did play a part in establishing the campaign, our new visual look and feel, together with the concept of it all being a secret, created something bigger than a standard community service campaign. 

The real result came when the social posts in our campaign had som time to sink in. Women got drawn in, but also identified with the information behind our headlines. This led to sharing, both online and via word of mouth, which was key, and made for a slow, but steady increase in online traffic, calls being made and ultimately - vaccine appointments being booked.

And once we combined the ad campaign with more direct information in native ads about how and why to get the vaccine, published in online news outlets, the initial increase got even better. 

Clicks, likes and impressions aside. The campign resulted in a 20% increase of booked and given vaccinations during the time period, which has proven to be THE BEST result out of all regions in Sweden. And in the end, over a third of the target group had taken the vaccine.

Our lovely client imprinted us with a very memorable quote during the work, that acted as our guiding star:

"If we have managed to save even one woman from getting cervical cancer,
then this campaign will be worth every single crown we’ve put into it."
— Ingela Pirttilä, Process Lead - Cervix Cancer Prevention Unit.



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