Fostering A Safer Digital Landscape For Young Generations: Fake Friends
2024 Finalist

Fostering A Safer Digital Landscape For Young Generations: Fake Friends

Dainik Jagran — inext

Kanpur, India

Category Public Relations and Community Service

Overview of this campaign

Recognizing the looming dangers of the digital world among millions of youngsters of Hindi heartland, we understood that there was a clear need for educating the young audience and their parents as well.  Thus, following our audacious goal, we set our campaign's primary objective to connect with youngsters and help them understand the potential dangers in the digital realm.

Safeguarding the Youngsters:

The idea was to connect with the audience who was most susceptible to dangers so they can be cautious of the underlying threats. To maximize reach, we took the print route and carried real stories of youngsters who had fallen into the traps of the digital domain and also educated them via informative articles to safeguard themselves. We also took the help of Cyber Cell Head who was an expert in catching the social predators and knew their tricks. We partnered with the schools, where the Cyber expert guided all the students by giving real examples of the threats and methods to safeguard themselves against them. This was done in the form of on-ground seminars so maximum youngsters could be reached in person.

In our mission to safeguard our youth, we understood that many parents were unaware of the internet usage patterns of their kids and many youngsters were afraid of going to their parents or any elders in times of adversity.

Reinforcing Safety with Parents / Elders: 

The role of parents in supporting their kids was also crucial and parents also needed to be more aware and alert of their kid’s activities over the internet. As a secondary objective, we decided to educate the elders as well so they could be the first hand support in the time of adversity. To ensure this we conducted webinars in partnership with the experts where they talked about habits which parents should notice to identify that their son or daughter might be in danger.

Results for this campaign

The campaign ‘Fake Friends’ was well received and praised by youngsters and elders alike. Through this campaign across the 12 cities of Hindi Heartland, we were able to address the underlying issue hidden amongst the glamor of the digital world. We were successful in - 

  • Reaching more than 4 million people across Print, On-ground, and Digital platforms and bringing them one step closer to ensuring their safety
  • Connecting with 72,000 teenagers directly by tapping 60+ schools across 12 cities in a 3 weeks’ duration
  • Starting a mini-revolution and making people cautious and self-sufficient to stand against the potential dangers of the digital world.

Our biggest success was realized when multiple schools reached out to us with requests to conduct the expert sessions on their premises as well. These requests did not stop at the students but also came from their parents who out of concern for the safety of their kids wanted to know more about the digital world and the means to support their child.

Witnessing the numerous requests from multiple sources we turned our knowledge sessions into webinars and circulated among school principals reaching out to the larger audience in one go. We also conducted a webinar with the cyber cell head specially designed for parents so they could also be aware of the unexpected dangers.

Reaching millions of youngsters and their parents, we contributed to addressing this prevalent issue and safeguarding the public. The campaign gave the right direction to many teenagers and their parents, to be aware of the Digital / Online Fake Friends and in the process potentially saving the lives of thousands of teenagers …


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