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2024 Finalist

Discover Tab

The Philadelphia Inquirer

United States

Category Product Development

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Overview of this campaign

The primary objective for the Discover tab is to help users navigate the city and solve problems in their lives.

We started our MVP feature with food because we knew through research that readers want to find places to get food nearby, but location is not the primary organizing principle for the vast majority of service articles.

What are the user and customer behaviors that drive business results?

  • Users download the Inquirer app to find places to eat nearby.

  • Users give us their location to find places to eat nearby.

  • Users open the app the day after downloading to use the food map when they want to go out.

How can we encourage these user behaviors? 

  • Help users find places to eat near their location,, by ingesting structured location data from food articles and plotting those locations on a map.

  • Promote the feature in the app store.

  • Notification strategy that encourages next-day app opens.

How do we know we’re right? 

  • Increase in users downloading the app.

  • Users return the day after downloading the app.

  • Increase in DAU/MAU.

Results for this campaign

Quantitative Data:

Within 15 days of launch we've had the following results: 

  • Increase app download by 200% the week of launch 
  • 5,000+ weekly visits to the Discover tab
  • 25% of readers in the tab engaged with pins


Reader / User Quotes:

Subject: This is amazing
Message: Sorry if this has been in the app for years and I just now noticed it... but the discover tab? Super cool.
- Chief Product Officer at the Minneapolis Star Tribune




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