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2024 Finalist

Story Premium Format


Schwarzach, Austria

Category Product Development

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Overview of this campaign

The power of storytelling is a transformative tool in the digital advertising realm. It transcends mere information dissemination, crafting compelling narratives that emotionally resonate with readers. At VOL.AT, we've grasped the significance of connecting with our audience through impactful stories that resonate with them. Our STORY PREMIUM packages empower businesses to share not just data but their distinctive tales, ensuring profound audience engagement.

These aren't ordinary articles. They're captivating tales enriched with interviews or striking photos. But there's more. We go the extra mile by offering the chance to present the message through dynamic 1-2 minute videos. Our seasoned teams take on the storytelling role, ensuring the message isn't just narrated but felt. We leverage large-scale images and visual effects to enhance the tales, ensuring they captivate not just the storyteller's heart but the reader's as well.

We value stories for their profound impact. We narrate our clients' tales in a way that ensures their message effectively resonates with the desired audience. At VOL.AT, we're not just familiar with the power of storytelling; we excel at it. We offer tailored solutions, ensuring narratives are presented in the most captivating and unique manner found in the digital space.

Results for this campaign

The STORY PREMIUM format by VOL.AT is characterized by impressive dwell times of up to 5 minutes, enabling intense engagement and a deeper interaction with content. This extraordinary interaction far exceeds traditional PR articles, with a ninefold increase in click-through rate and a tenfold increase in reader reach. These successes are particularly evident in case studies like the campaign for Höratelier Mathis, which achieved not only numerous positive responses but also 20 scheduled hearing test appointments in just one day.

The innovation and impact of the format are remarkable. STORY PREMIUM on VOL.AT departs from traditional advertising paths and focuses on authentic, people-centered stories. Inspired by editorial experiences and user reading habits, we create emotional stories that establish a deep connection. Our approach aims to take readers on an unforgettable journey, creating a stronger bond through extended engagement time.

The format has proven its effectiveness by setting new standards for engagement and interaction. Stories told via STORY PREMIUM offer an unparalleled experience – they are more than just advertising; they are a window into our clients' world, directly engaging and touching readers. This leads to longer page visits and more intense content engagement.

The impressive results confirm the great potential of this innovative approach. STORY PREMIUM represents a new era of advertising, where authentic stories and experiences are in the foreground. We are proud to embark on this innovative path and look forward to continuing to create unique and impactful campaigns that speak to companies and their target audiences in a special way.


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