Driving Loyalization and Engagement for Local News on a Unified App Platform
2024 Finalist

Driving Loyalization and Engagement for Local News on a Unified App Platform

Ippen Digital

Munich, Germany

Category Product Development

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Overview of this campaign

During our journey to provide a better experience to our local and loyal readers, we realized
that we needed a change of our paradigm. That’s why we took the decision to move away
from different apps, with a standard design and a counterintuitive user experience and to
launch a personalized and customisable platform, with a high degree of content automation
and real-time configuration. We wanted to make a significant leap forward in embracing the
evolving needs and preferences of our local and loyal readers, therefore our goal was to roll-
out the biggest app platform in Germany for local journalism, providing our readers with a
personalized and individual experience. Our goal was to give our readers the possibility to
organize the content on their own, to provide different ways to access the content, with the
final goal of informing in an easy and enjoyable way our local and loyal readers.

Results for this campaign

The extremely positive result of the launch of the app platform can be seen in the positive
improvements of the KPIs. We reached about 60.000.000 page views and 410.000
downloads. Our readers are very loyal, spending more than seven minutes on average per
day using our apps. Moreover, the readers read on average 7,1 pages, which underlines
how loyal they are. Another KPI which shows the success of the launch of the app platform
is the fact that 35% of the readers use our app for 30 days in a row (the so-called retention
rate). This is an extremely positive KPI because worldwide (on average) news Apps has a
retention rate of 12-15%. This means that our readers are satisfied with the content and with
the features that we offer. Finally, the app platform improved in stability: our current crash
rate is 0,1%, which is very low and affects a very small amount of edge cases. The success
of the launch of our app platform can also be seen in the reviews in the app stores and in the
ratings that the readers leave. On average we registered a ratings of 4,46 Stars since the
launch of the first apps, while the old rating was 3.27. The positive ratings increased by 60%,
and this high satisfaction remains stable over time. All those KPIs combined show a very
high impact of this campaign. Nevertheless what we launched is just the beginning, and
through the further development of our platform we want to empower even more the local
journalism and increase even more the satisfaction of the people who decide to use our
apps and read our articles.


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