Gazette for Refugees
2024 Finalist

Gazette for Refugees

Gazeta Wyborcza

Warsaw, Poland

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Overview of this campaign

The main aim of our campaign was to raise public awareness of the problem of migration. We also took up the fight against the prejudice spread for years by the populists in power and the far right, centered around the claim that refugees are a mortal threat to Poland’s security and prosperity. Instead, we objectively described the challenges related to migration, resulting, for example, from cultural differences. Besides, our objective was to prove to Poles that confronting the issue of migration in a serious manner is inevitable, that refugees are people with great potential and that the Polish society can in fact profit from such new citizens. 

To highlight the importance of this problem, we changed "Gazeta Wyborcza" into "Gazeta Uchodzców" ("Gazette for Refugees") and devoted an entire issue of “Wyborcza” to the issue of migration: from the first page to the last. The traditional newspaper division into thematic sections (Poland, world, culture, sport, etc.) was maintained. We also set up a special website under the domain dedicated to this project - We gave the floor to journalists who are themselves migrants and refugees so that they could present their personal narratives, the stories of their families and friends who relocated to Poland as well as stories of people still living and fighting for survival in their home countries. We also wanted to find out how migrants perceive our country and to let them tell us what they consider the bright and dark sides of living among us Poles. All in all, it was our intention to offer our readers the broadest perspective possible. 

Results for this campaign

More than a dozen tandems consisting of a refugee or migrant journalist (from countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Yemen, Eritrea, Cuba, Yemen, Vietnam, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Russia) and a journalist from the “Gazeta Wyborcza” team were formed for the purposes of the “Gazeta for Refugees” project. These tandems published more than a hundred texts on the dedicated webpage In addition, we produced 12 video reports and 10 podcasts, as well as a webinar on how to write and talk about migration. 

The paper edition of “Gazeta for Refugees”, which was published on World Refugee Day and featured a selection of articles, had a circulation of 50,000 copies. The texts, podcasts and videos published had around one million views on the webpage alone, not including the reach on social media or podcast platforms. 

A few months before the historic parliamentary elections, we managed to spark a debate on the issue of refugees and migrants in Poland. In the election campaign, the party in power tried to spin a campaign of hatred against migrants. We showed how much still  needs to be done in Poland, pointing out the issues of hate, abuses, mistakes and misconceptions. The topic continued to be a major discussion point in Poland in the ensuing months, and "Wyborcza" still remains a place where politicians, experts and social activists exchange views on the challenges of migration. 

"Gazeta for Refugees" also offered great support for social organisations caring for refugees and campaigning for support for migrants.  Finally, the project had a strong integrative effect on the "Gazeta Wyborcza" editorial team itself. It required collaboration among journalists and editors from different departments and cities ("Gazeta Wyborcza" has 30 local editions).


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