The Israel-Gaza war explained
2024 Finalist

The Israel-Gaza war explained

South China Morning Post

Hong Kong

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Overview of this campaign

An informative compilation of the first stage of the Israel-Gaza conflict, our infographic provides necessary historical context and then delves deeper into current events, explaining them with the help of maps.

The research stage started immediately after October 7, involving finding diverse kinds of information, most of which was unconfirmed or inaccurate. After thoroughly filtering the sources, we were able to establish a series of scenarios that would be valuable to our readers.

Gaza’s history and demographic characteristics are relatively less known by readers, so our team’s objective was to provide vital information about the territory, establish comparisons with relatable reference points such as Hong Kong’s demographics, and to understand things such as borders, communications, energy supply, restrictions on inhabitants, education, public health, and more.

This required the use of multiple maps, posing the risk that the piece would become too technical and repetitive for the reader. We then decided to use satellite images combined with animation, photographs, conventional cartography, illustrations and animations, especially in the introductory illustration showing a daily scene in the life of Gaza’s people in a market.

Results for this campaign

The piece attracted some 17k users, who contributed some 24k page views to the infographic. It continues to be promoted as the interactive is updated with the latest information from the conflict, and the historical context especially is timeless and evergreen enough for the piece to be resurfaced again and again.

More importantly, the infographic provides an excellent source of context for the conflict, bringing into stark light the reasons behind hostilities in a way not captured by most contemporary reporting, deepening our offering to our readers.


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