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2024 Finalist

Valor Growth Desk


São Paulo, Brazil

Category Newsroom Development

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

Valor Econômico, one of the most important and traditional newspapers in Brazil, has undergone a digital transformation in recent years. 

Despite the majority of the audience being online, many reporters and editors had little or no knowledge of best practices for attracting and engaging audiences in media other than print. 

In 2023, Valor Econômico implemented the Growth Desk, a center to accelerate the training of journalists in the production of news, reports and other products with a digital focus. 

Of the 150 journalists, 25 reporters and editors were chosen and removed from their original editorial offices to participate in the Growth Desk, where they learned, in practice, the path from the conception of the story to the distribution of the news on the internet. 

In short, the Growth Desk added good SEO and social listening practices to journalists' repertoire, without losing the essence of good journalism. 

Reporters and editors learned how to create stories focused on what Google users in Brazil were searching for economic, corporate, financial and political information.  

For a week or three months – depending on the dynamics of each editorial department to release the journalist to join in the training –,  The Growth Desk taught the professional how to listen to their audience, investigating users' search intentions to offer them truly useful and helpful content.  

Results for this campaign

Most of the 1,217 pieces of content published from March to December sought to combat selective news avoidance and news fatigue, identified as a loss of user engagement in the press, according to the 2023 Reuters Institute digital report. 

The texts range from exclusive news about the irregular use of Cristiano Ronaldo's image in the sale of luxury properties in Brazil to an explanation of the entrepreneurial success of Taylor’s Version albums. 

The results were outstanding. 

Although content produced by the journalists in the Growth Desk is on average just 2% of what is published in Valor Econômico, these articles peaked 25% of the total pageviews in August. 

The journalists who received the training were amazed at the impact of the content they made. 

On average, a story produced within the Growth Desk has 561% more pageviews than a piece of news published outside the training center. 

On the other hand, the content produced by these journalists helped increase the authority and relevance of Valor Econômico on Google, which ended up resulting in an increase in the search engine's share of traffic sources for Valor Econômico's articles. 

 In 2023, Google accounted for 60.67% of this traffic, compared to 56.33% in 2022. In total, in 2023 there were 2.2 billion impressions and 54 million clicks generated by Google users. 

The Growth Desk was a success and showed that investment in training is essential for the digital transformation of newspapers.  

The results obtained by Valor Econômico demonstrate that digital journalism can be done with quality, without losing the essence of good journalism. 





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