Nobody Knows What It's Like to Live on the Street: They Do and They Tell You About It
2024 Finalist

Nobody Knows What It's Like to Live on the Street: They Do and They Tell You About It


Madrid, Spain

Category Newsroom Development

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Overview of this campaign

- This is the first project of new narratives that is addressed between all the regional newspapers of Vocento and the Colpisa Agency.

- With this project we wanted to get closer to the reality of homeless people in Spain.

- The visual and narrative line had to unite all the stories, both the main one and the local ones.

- The narrative tools had to be developed with a simple structure, so that they can be used by each newspaper to carry out their local stories.

- The main story unites all the testimonies, but it has to be closely linked to the newspaper in which it is shown.

- There is a commitment to long-form journalism.

- We seek to automate the reader experience.

- Several months of work that had to culminate with the publication of the principal story on November 22, 2023 and the local story on the 23rd, when the European Day of the Homeless is celebrated.

Results for this campaign

- All professionals were involved in the project and worked, sometimes for months, with the protagonists of their stories.

- Unpublished images and audios were obtained.

- The paperboard is the common thread of the visual line. This visual line is repeated in all linked products (in the main story, local stories, podcasts and the documentary).

- Six narrative elements or tools were developed with a simple code that could be used within the group's content manager. These tools were used both in the main piece and in the local stories. Furthermore, they are developments that have continued to be used in other articles.

- The information published by the Colpisa Agency is published in all the regional newspapers of the Vocento group. To ensure that this principal story had a link with the newspaper in which it is displayed, a series of dynamic elements were developed: the headline automatically changes and the audios and photos of the newspaper in which the information is read are placed in the carousels first.

- In the case of the main piece, a dark background is chosen, in which the narrative elements invite the reader to continue scrolling (audios, videos, photos and graphics). In local stories, white is chosen, thinking that the visual load will be less compared to the text.

- A start button was developed that activates the audio as you scroll.
- Both the main story and the local stories were published on the scheduled days. This is the url of the main story (contains links to local stories):

- Thousands of people accessed some of the articles that are part of the project, but we value that the average time on the page was close to 9 minutes.
- Most important: Publishing some of these stories improved the lives of the protagonists.


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