The Hindu Our State Our Taste
2024 Finalist

The Hindu Our State Our Taste

The Hindu

Chennai, India

Category Events

Overview of this campaign

With no bar on age, gender or experience, The Hindu ‘Our State Our Taste’ aimed to be a platform welcoming all home cooks and chefs across both states. Inviting registration through a series of ad communications, the event unfolded in three phases: call for entry, regional rounds, and the grand finale where the winner earned the coveted title of “Master Chef of Andhra Pradesh”, “Master Chef of Telangana, “Master Chef of Karnataka” & “Master Chef of Tamil Nadu – Season 4”

The Hindu ‘Our State Our Taste’ endeavoured to:

  • Create meaningful engagement between the brand and the public by tapping into their passion points, invoking a sense of pride in their state and its cuisine.
    • Offer a platform for showcasing culinary prowess and expressing a love for creating eclectic local foods in a country passionate about food.
    • Bring talented home cooks and chefs together to create the opportunities to be part of a vibrant community centred around food.
    • Deepen the brand’s connection/association with the residents of both states by intertwining central interests encompassing a love for food, culture heritage and regional identity.

Results for this campaign

The Hindu ‘Our State Our Taste’ across the four states were a massive success, uniting people through shared passions, creating a community around food and strengthening brand connection.

Here are the highlights of the key results:

  • Print reach: 6 million+ readership
  • Digital reach: 5 million+ impressions
  • Registrations: 45,000+
  • Total footfall: 20,800+
  • Partnership interest: 5 Crores
  • Hyperlocal reach: In 10 months, our extensive BTL and ATL promotions helped us reach over 2 Lakh households.
  • Diverse display of innovative and traditional recipes: Participants presented over 70,000 unique dishes that showcased the essence of all four states.
  • User Generated Content (UGC): Participants and the audience took it in their stride to generate interesting content surrounding the event, capturing the rounds, interactions with the chef, sharing recipes, etc.



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