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The Festival Experience
2024 Finalist

The Festival Experience

Jagran Prakashan

New Delhi, India

Category Events

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Overview of this campaign

Why organize a film festival when one can watch any movie on demand in the comfort of one’s home?


-        Film Festivals are about cementing a sense of community

-        Festivals create that sense of occasion that is the vital curatorial tool for focusing minds on a new film.

-        Festivals create reference points for audiences amidst the evolving continuation of cinema as a mode of artistic expression that aims to connect and communicate with audiences

-        Festivals can offer a communal, shared and unique experiences, when the films, their point of views, ideas and people meet. Film festivals can create a needed platform for meaningful discussions.

-        Festivals are helping at the frontline of an increasingly polarized world. Speaking multiple languages, they give you the ability to hear a rich diversity of voices from the divided areas.

-        Festivals promotes exploration new cultures and celebrate creativity

-        Festivals are about visual literacy. Film is a very democratic way to approach and contextualize stories about the world and other people; it doesn’t require you to be able to read or have a certain knowledge before watching it.


As India’s largest read newspaper, we celebrated Cinema for all this and more – to be able to take new stories to and create new perspectives for our readers, thereby deepening our engagement with them.

Results for this campaign

We developed a marketing approach that worked across multiple audiences, and across different markets. It was a multi-layered marketing campaign that used a mix of digital media along with innovative use of conventional media and created native content within our newspaper. All along, the event was packaged and promoted as a huge magnet that it earned media through its sheer size, scale and uniqueness.

Democratic Film Festival: The festival was positioned as “Good Cinema for all”.

Moving beyond a single venue: Most film festivals are single venue festivals held in one city. We scaled up the festival itself. We hired 76 screens across 18 cities, and organized 444 cinema screenings in a span of 3 months.

Cutting across Cultures: We received 4800 film entries from 37 countries, 36 languages. A preview panel of curators sat through and sifted from this gigantic list to curate the content for the Festival

Fuelling Audience Perspectives & Conversations: 144 events organized through Masterclasses, Panel discussions, In-Conversation with Stars, Q&A Sessions and a summit on “The Future of Cinema”

Marketing associations: We collaborated with 8 brands/platforms to enhance the reach of the Festival.

Generating Unique Newspaper Content: The newspaper editorial celebrated a collective social art and created debates, conversations and an atmosphere.

Revenue Generation: The festival also generated revenues of INR 40mn through sponsorships and sale of delegate passes. Earned media through PR was another INR 10mn.

Reach: The festival reached over 150mn through paid, earned and owned media. We released 200 print ads, 300 billboards, 137000 seconds of radio promotion, 5500 social media posts, 200000 emailers, 500000 Whatsapp messages, and 765 ads in cinemas.


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