The South Got Something To Say
2024 Finalist

The South Got Something To Say

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta, United States

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Overview of this campaign

For the past 155 years, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has documented the history of Atlanta and this region. The AJC is rooted in a rich tradition of world class journalism and storytelling, and our AJC Film, “The South Got Something To Say,” embodies the very best of what we do.

When we began talking about this film, our intention was to note the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, an occasion that is being marked around the country. But that moment began in the Bronx, New York. We decided to focus on what happened in our backyard, and the moment Atlanta emerged as America’s “rap capital.”

To support the launch of the film, the newspaper hosted an all-day event with panelists and discussions on the importance of race, culture and music in Atlanta. We knew through research that Atlanta audiences seek more content related to Black culture, and this event marked the beginning of work to build audience, increase engagement and deepen brand awareness of content that celebrates culture, events, news and trends of interest in Atlanta’s Black community.

This film is more than a music documentary; it’s an exploration of modern-day Atlanta and how this city and this sound are forever intertwined. Our team spent months sitting down with the artists, producers, historians and community leaders who had a front row seat to history, as a musical genre and a culture were born. We hoped this film – and event – would transport viewers to a place and time that was as important to the rise of hip-hop as Liverpool’s Cavern Club was to rock and roll and Nashville’s Broadway was to country music.

Results for this campaign

As the AJC transforms into a modern media company, it is essential we set clear goals around new initiatives. The event and film release allowed us to make a definitive statement that we are committed to building a new product to focus on Black culture in Atlanta, which is important to our growth strategy.

Audience at event:

• Sold out all 850 tickets for evening programming

• Over 300 guests passed through for daytime programming

• Over 20 guest panelists

• 6 community partners showcased Black entrepreneurs and businesses

• Red carpet experience on Atlanta’s famous Peachtree Street

Revenue: While key objectives were event attendance and online film views, several trade and paying sponsors contributed more than $35,000 in advertising revenue.

Views post event: During our launch period, the film attracted new audiences into the funnel – 652 new registrations (a requirement to watch the film). We’ve never seen registration conversion like this before – 5.2% compared to less than 1% in previous efforts.

Paid media campaign: Paid marketing overall was our second highest source of traffic to the film, driving 22% of unique users. While most viewers – of both the film and the related content – came from Atlanta, we also saw significant interest across Georgia (27%), the South (14%) and the rest of the nation (29%).

In both Meta and YouTube platforms, the hip-hop targeted campaign achieved slightly over 2 million impressions and 21.8K total clicks. Our tailored hip-hop audience showed strong engagement, generating an overall high click-through rate on Meta, while remaining engaged to watch the "South Got Something To Say" trailer on YouTube. The placements achieved an impressive video completion rate of 95.98%, surpassing the benchmark by 40%.

Earned media: Our PR campaign led to 398 media mentions, with more than 77% through online news. Earned media drove an audience that equaled tens of millions of impressions.


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