Joining the Data Dots
2024 Finalist

Joining the Data Dots

Jagran Prakashan

New Delhi, India

Category Digital Subscriptions

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Overview of this campaign


By the end of the year, nearly 75 percent of the world’s population will be protected by sovereign regulations from their respective countries.

In such a scenario, brands must maintain transparency and strict governance when it comes to customer data management of any kind.


Successful customer data strategy doesn’t just rely on collection. The ability to store this data safely where it can be accessed across a brand’s technology infrastructure is equally important.

Our data project was about obtaining a 360-view of our readers. This meant getting our proprietary data set ready so that we can build cohorts and identity graphs.

Going direct-to-consumer gave us control of what data we gather, created an unattenuated direct feedback loop between the us and the reader, and, most importantly, offered us another channel to grow value. It also drives faster go-to-market and stronger consumer acquisition, engagement, retention and service levels.

We collected data from 2,15,073 new subscribers across 44 aspects giving is 9.5mn data points. All we had to do was to join the data dots to see our audience more clearly.


We collected data (with consent) about all new subscribers via our proprietary subscription app. Along with this we captured data on the following:

-        News Media accessed

-        Ranking of News media accessed

-        Frequency of News media access

-        Time of Newsmedia consumption

-        Personal Identifiable Information – Mobile Numbers, IDs, Addresses

-        Ownership of select durables to establish Socio-economic classifications


We created 4 cohort groups based on the number of sources of news media accessed:

-        Trust Bearers: people who consumed news from only one source

-        Cross Checkers: people who consumed news from two sources

-        Opinion Seekers: people who consumed news from three sources

-        News Junkies: people who consumed news from four or more sources

Results for this campaign

Key findings

-        The universe was all new subscribers of Dainik Jagran. Therefore, all respondents to the survey were newspaper readers

-        44% of them accessed news channels, 29% accessed news on Social media, 15% accessed news via news apps, 9% accessed news on epapers, and 3% accessed news on news websites

-        38% of the respondents were Trust Bearers, 37% were Cross Checkers, 15% were Opinion seekers while 10% were News Junkies

-        Trust Bearers accessed only Newspapers and no other news media, indicating how trust building is critical for news brands.

-        For Cross Checkers, the key news sources were News Channels and Newspapers – almost 55% of respondents indicated this preference. The Top ranked source was newspapers followed by news channels.

-        Opinion Seekers accessed Newspapers+News Channels+ Social Media as the top combination of media sources accessed – 71% of respondents preferred this combination. After newspapers, the top ranked choice was News Channels. This set consumed more media than Trust Bearers and Cross Checkers.

-        News Junkies were the most avid consumers of News. They access multiple sources, and the top basket of news consumption comprised News Apps+News Channels+ Newspapers + Social Media – 42% respondents preferred this combination


Action Points

-        It enabled us to target marketing activities to 4 different cohorts differently

-        It gave us deep insights on key competition across each cohort

-        Deep dive into the data also gave us micro planning guidelines – with geographical data we were able to precisely pinpoint which zones within a city had which kind of readers. Combined with demographic indicators, it helped us in geo-demographic targeting.

-        The cohort level analysis enabled us to maintain privacy of our readers

-        We now knew which set of readers could be groomed to become loyal readers

-        Gave rich insights into socio-economic classifications of readers – this information was of immense value to the ad sales teams


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