ZH Birthday Covers
2024 Finalist

ZH Birthday Covers

Zero Hora

Itajaí, Brazil

Category Digital Subscriptions

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Overview of this campaign

The Registration and Engagement team concluded in its various actions and campaigns to encourage registration that personalizing content is the most effective way to generate curiosity and attractiveness to users. When a customized and unique product or service is presented, giving an idea of ??exclusivity, users are more willing to participate. From this, having a product rich in possibilities like “Acervo ZH”, it was possible to expand the possibilities for generating leads, and create the “Capas de Aniversário ZH” campaign. 

Zero Hora's vast collection of covers since 1964 enabled us to create a registration campaign in which users received exclusively the newspaper’s cover from the day they were born. “Capas de Aniversário ZH (or ZH Birthday Cover) is a campaign that was disseminated to the non-subscribing public on the GZH website and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, arousing user curiosity with the motto “What was in the news in ZH the day you were born?". When registering, the public put data such as birth day, name and email.  

The project, in addition to capturing leads to work on engagement journeys, also has the distinction of valuing a regional product from a traditional and beloved brand (Zero Hora) of Rio Grande do Sul State. Furthermore, it arouses curiosity and brings the reader closer to the GZH brand, having a preview of an exclusive subscriber feature. 

The leads provided by this campaign entered a series of relationship marketing actions in which we had the opportunity to fully present the benefits of GZH and create new engagement strategies. The objective is for users to use and see value in the product, bringing them closer to converting into a subscriber.  

The action was also successful internally, as the team proved that by being creative with the brand's existing products, we can achieve good results. There was no need for a high financial investment or creating a product from scratch to develop a successful campaign.

Results for this campaign


  • 7361 registrations in the “Capas de Aniversário ZH’ project. 

  • 6365 registrations of non-subscribers.  

  • 4288 new leads. 

  • 296 new subscribers. Conversion rate: 4%. 


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