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Now Read This! The New Web Onboarding Journey @ Handelsblatt & WirtschaftsWoche
2024 Finalist

Now Read This! The New Web Onboarding Journey @ Handelsblatt & WirtschaftsWoche


Düsseldorf, Germany

Category Digital Subscriptions

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Overview of this campaign

The main goal was to improve engagement and specifically usage intensity in the first minutes after subscribing, with a special focus on fly-bys converting via the paywall. This would help develop readers habits (active days per month) then lead to an increase in the number of trial subscriptions that convert to full price after 4 weeks.  

At Handelsblatt, for example, we offer four tips designed to directly encourage users to use our products. At WirtschaftsWoche, we focused more on communicating the subscription components such as the Coach, a service that is only available to subscribers. 
The entire product development process was carried out by a cross-functional team. Each team member with special expertise contributed to the success of the feature. It was the first feature that the engagement team implemented independently, from the initial idea to going live and measuring the results.  

We were keen to consult readers from the start so we organised user interviews to discuss the mockups before developing the MVP. The idea was also to develop a common concept and platform that we could use for our two core brands – Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche, albeit with brand specific content and design.

Results for this campaign

To-date, among the test group that saw the new onboarding journey, Handelsblatt has seen a statistically significant +4.8 % uplift in the number of trial subscriptions that convert to full price, set against the control group that saw the original simple one-page thank you page.  

The proportion of active days in the first four weeks was 6% higher in the test group than in the control group without a web onboarding journey. Also the number of visits and the number of PV per visit were also significantly higher. 

We see that 55 % of new subscribers start the onboarding journey and 22 % complete the entire journey. New subscribers sign up to more newsletters and are more likely to download the app.  

The Onboarding Journey for Wirtschaftswoche went live in the past couple of weeks and we’re expecting a similar uplift.   


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