Omni Mer: The Boost
2024 Finalist

Omni Mer: The Boost


Stockholm, Sweden

Category Digital Subscriptions

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Overview of this campaign

The object was simple: In a short time explore and implement ways to lift us from the plateau. We dicided to set up a cross functional team with representatives that not only had insight in the questions and potential solutions – but also the right mandate to make decisions.


Five key factors drove this success:

  1. A Laser Sharp User-Centric Focus: Omni Mer's development stems from a deep understanding of reader preferences, emphasizing depth, explanation, and diverse perspectives. This led to the introduction of innovative content formats.

  2. Streamlined Approach: We made the strategic decision to scale back to be able to increase speed. The only data we cared about was entirely anonymous. Somewhat counterintuetively, by simplifying capability and platform complexity we saw several benefits. It facilitated quicker communication with non-logged-in users, enhancing initial contacts while mitigating risks associated with privacy concerns.

  3. Bundling Strategy: Highlighting distinct options – from "Omni Mer Basic" to the comprehensive "Super package" with content from all across Schibsted – catered to diverse user needs. Good for the user - and for us since this is also driving higher average revenue per user and reducing long-term churn.

  4. Visibility and Frequency: Segmentation - in the simple form of logged in/not logged in - allowed us to balance campaign visibility with reader satisfaction. The campaigns were not seen as intrusive.

  5. Cross-Functional Collaboration: From inception, collaboration across product, UX, CX, marketing, and editorial teams ensured swift decision-making and prioritization of Omni More's enhancements, crucial for aligning campaigns with editorial launches and attracting new customers.

This collaborative, user-centric approach, coupled with strategic simplification and bundling, has been pivotal in Omni More's success, underlining the importance of synchronized project plans and agile execution.

Results for this campaign

The outcomes were evident: Sales from campaigns increased by approximately 50%. Meanwhile, other metrics like churn and trial-to-pay held steady, resulting in a significant increase in Omni Mer memberships. Based on our current data, it appears that these new members are as engaged, and reading just as many articles as any other member.


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