Cracking the Code: How Our Homegrown Data-Driven Curation Program Reshaped Subscription Growth
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Cracking the Code: How Our Homegrown Data-Driven Curation Program Reshaped Subscription Growth

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We focus on revolutionizing the approach to story and increasing subscription growth. Utilizing a data-driven strategy, the project aims to transform newsrooms by fostering cross-functional collaboration and optimizing workflows. It stresses the importance of understanding audience behaviors and preferences to produce more engaging and relevant content. The initiative also involves educating newsroom staff on data tools and digital literacy to ensure the effective implementation of these new strategies. The overarching goal is to enhance the value of storys, improve the decision-making process, and boost overall subscription growth through a combination of innovative tools, intelligent insights, and continuous optimization.

Results for this campaign

The United Daily News Group's 'Curate X' initiative showcases remarkable achievements in terms of subscription growth and membership penetration. United Daily News ( The use of the Curate X program, integrating content with user behavior data, has transformed the news development process. This strategy has led to a substantial increase in subscription growth by 481%, with month-over-month growth percentages ranging from 139% to 368%. Over a 24-month period, articles utilizing Curate X saw a threefold increase in order conversions compared to those that did not implement the initiative. Economic Daily News ( Implementing the Curate X program has also been pivotal for Economic Daily News, resulting in significant growth in membership penetration, recorded at up to 299%. Over two years, the membership penetration rate for articles using Curate X was three to four times higher than for those without it, indicating the effective adoption of this data-driven approach to enhance newsroom decision-making and content management. These outcomes not only underscore the success of Curate X in improving engagement and conversion rates but also demonstrate the power of a data-centric approach in driving content relevance and audience growth.


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