Mobile-First Digital Subscription Checkout Flow
2024 Finalist

Mobile-First Digital Subscription Checkout Flow

The Philadelphia Inquirer

United States

Category Digital Subscriptions

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Overview of this campaign

To develop a new digital subscription checkout flow, The Philadelphia Inquirer researched industry trends to set a refreshed groundwork for user expectations and best practices. The competitive analysis conducted by our Product Research team discovered a one-page checkout flow with alternative payment methods prominently displayed could improve the digital checkout flow completion rate. We also recognized other updates, such as social sign-ons and visually aligning the checkout with subscription sales and campaigns on, can foster a more cohesive UX. 


As a result, The Philadelphia Inquirer worked cross-departmentally to develop a mobile-first digital subscription checkout design, combining the multi-step checkout process onto one page and moving Apple Pay and PayPal payment methods closer to the top of the flow. Then, the Product Research team conducted one-on-one usability tests before the Consumer Marketing team tested the new flow on users visiting


The on-site test ran for 6 weeks, ramping up to a 50 / 50 split as we verified users successfully subscribed via the new checkout flow. The test analysis revealed the variant (one-page checkout) improved the checkout completion rate by 4.5% and had a 93.4% chance to win over the control (multi–page checkout). 


In addition, we discovered device-type impacted the one-page checkout flow’s chance to beat out the multi-page checkout flow, with the one-page checkout flow on mobile had a 92.2% chance to win versus desktop, which had a 76.4% chance to win.

Results for this campaign

Implementing a one-page checkout flow proved successful by driving increased digital subscription conversions. The one-page checkout had a 4.5% better completion rate compared to the original multi-page checkout with alternative payment methods displayed on the second page. As a result, we concluded the test and officially rolled out the one-page checkout flow to all users purchasing a digital subscription on 


The one-page checkout simplified the digital subscription checkout UX, confirming our hypothesis: consolidating checkout steps onto one page and prominently displaying alternative payment methods like Apple Pay and PayPal successfully reduced the risk of users abandoning the flow and ultimately increased our subscription conversions.


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