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2024 Finalist

Mobile ‘One Click’ Paywall

Business Insider

New York, United States

Category Digital Subscriptions

Overview of this campaign

The Business Insider subscriptions team focuses on the conversion rate, measuring how many users successfully become subscribers after encountering a paywalled article. Our challenge lay in effectively converting mobile readers, our largest user cohort comprising 80% of those exposed to a paywall. The team wanted to prove that by simplifying and reducing friction in this experience, we could increase checkout completion rate and ultimately conversion rate for our mobile readers.

Despite their prevalence, mobile readers subscribed at a fifth of the rate of desktop readers and specifically completed the checkout process at a 15% lower rate.  We hypothesized that each click for a user was a point of abandonment in our conversion flow, which starts at reading a story with a paywall and ends once payment is completed. This took at a minimum ten clicks for a user to successfully become a subscriber, with many bouncing at the second click of inputting their email address. 

To solve this, we implemented a solution to reduce friction by adding in a digital wallet option that would cut the number of clicks and inputs from ten to just two. We redesigned our paywall and added in dynamic logic that updated the user’s ‘Subscribe’ button depending on the payment options available on their device (Google Pay, Apple Pay or Subscribe for no digital wallet available). If users had a digital wallet like Google Pay or Apple pay enabled they could seamlessly pay using their device's native payment settings, eliminating steps and cognitive load with this familiar interface. This streamlined experience removed barriers such as entering credit card information and email addresses, leading to a significant improvement in checkout completion and, ultimately, the conversion rate for our mobile readers.


Results for this campaign

For users who had a digital wallet enabled (Google Pay and Apple Pay) we saw a lift in conversion rate and annual share:


  • +15% lift on users converting compared to our previous paywall, .082% vs .094% 

  • +31% increase in users selecting an annual subscription vs a monthly subscription


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