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Auckland, New Zealand

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Overview of this campaign

In a groundbreaking effort to redefine the narrative around hearing loss in New Zealand, Triton Hearing partnered with Stuff, the country's largest news publisher, to launch "The Gift of Better Hearing" campaign. 

With one in six Kiwis facing hearing loss barriers, the campaign aimed to not only promote Triton Hearing’s services but also dispel misconceptions, reduce social stigma, and encourage intergenerational connections. 

At the campaign's core was an innovative and disruptive audio experience, the 'Kiwi Sounds of Summer' quiz, housed within a digital article. This engaging content simulated the challenges of hearing loss by distorting familiar sounds and confusing listeners, effectively illustrating the difficulties faced by those with hearing impairment. 

Stuff's commitment to relatable brand-funded storytelling further bolstered the campaign. Two sponsored articles in digital and print shared personal journeys of individuals overcoming hearing loss. Additionally, a highly original and playful print execution - origami Christmas decoration activities for families in select newspapers - fostered the spirit of shared activities and emphasised the importance of addressing hearing issues to help reconnect with loved ones.

 In a true multi-channel experience, high-impact desktop and mobile display directing readers to Triton’s site ran across our most engaged sections and channels for our target audience, including:

  • A mobile app takeover

  • Homepage prominence

  • NZ House and Garden digital channel (our premium monthly publication site)

  • Neighbourly (our community social platform)

As part of our quiz-promotion strategy, we created a stand-out interactive vertical video in our new editorial section - Stuff Shorts. It was the first sponsored ‘Short’ for the group - and also the first ‘Short’ in the Stuff family to include audio; introducing a new approach to the wider publishing group.

In another first, we also included a magazine subscription tie-in with NZ House & Garden - Stuff’s premium glossy monthly publication -  and an editorial placement in our gift guide in “Sunday” - Stuff’s weekly national newspaper inserted magazine in our market-leading Sunday Star-Times newspaper.  


Results for this campaign

 “The Gift of Better Hearing” was a runaway success, exceeding all expectations from Triton Hearing - and Stuff. 

The disruptive audio quiz generated a remarkable 540% overdelivery against guaranteed page views, showcasing the effectiveness of the innovative approach. 

The two testimonial-based sponsored articles also achieved 19% and 22% over-delivery of page views respectively, reflecting the resonance of relatable stories with the audience. 

Our new-format Stuff vertical video short performed 200% above expectations

Stuff's integration, high-impact display placements, and the introduction of a unique subscription package further expanded the campaign's reach. Overall, all media delivered nearly 20,000 clicks through to the client’s site.

The campaign ran before Christmas leaving a lasting impact on the lives of New Zealanders with hearing loss and their families. The client was thrilled with its digital performance, saying “Overall, it was a great traffic driver and has allowed us to build up our retargeting pool for the always-on-social content we have running to help build our brand authority and drive visitors back to the site.”

The campaign’s effect was not only felt in tangible click-throughs. Triton Hearing said Stuff's community-centric and human-focused approach exceeded the standards of traditional marketing campaigns, fostering a positive shift in perception and paving the way for continued support and understanding of hearing-related challenges in the community. 

Where this unique campaign has increased the client spend with Stuff by 30%, it has also created an ongoing partnership with Triton Hearing and Stuff in 2024.




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