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Prothom Alo's TV Mela: Revolutionizing Bangladeshi Retail with Content-Driven Commerce
2024 Finalist

Prothom Alo's TV Mela: Revolutionizing Bangladeshi Retail with Content-Driven Commerce

The Daily Prothom Alo

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Category Commerce

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Overview of this campaign

Prothom Alo's TV Mela: Revolutionizing Bangladeshi Retail with Content-Driven Commerce


Campaign Objective:


- Elevate Bangladeshi Retail: Bridge the gap between renowned brands and informed customers, boosting the fragmented retail landscape.

- Redefine Shopping: Seamlessly blend engaging content with effortless buying, creating a streamlined user journey.

- Diversify Revenue Streams: Leverage Prothom Alo's reach to generate revenue through both ad partnerships and affiliate marketing.


Evolving Beyond Content: The Strategic Shift to E-commerce


Building on the success of TV Mela's informative content in 2022, the 2023 edition introduced a game-changing element: CommerceConnect. This seamless integration of e-commerce functionalities empowered viewers to:


- Discover tailored products: Personalized recommendations based on browsing behavior.

- Purchase directly within the platform: Eliminate friction and drive sales.

- Access exclusive offers and promotions: Maximize value for both brands and customers.


Campaign Strategy: A Multifaceted Approach


1. Resonating Content: Engage and educate viewers, building trust and brand affinity.

- Celebrity Power: Leverage A-list stars for authentic product insights.

- Immersive Reviews: Showcase features and benefits through trusted hosts, empowering informed decisions.

- Industry Insights: MD bytes videos by industry leaders provide credibility and foster understanding.

- Hyper-Targeted Ads: Banner ads reaching millions of users with brand-specific messaging.

- In-Depth Narratives: Brand articles captivating over 1 million page views, offering deeper dives and brand storytelling.


2. CommerceConnect: Where Content Drives Sales


This seamless integration transformed TV Mela into a dynamic marketplace, generating revenue through:

- Ad Partnerships: Traditional advertising generated USD 65,000 in revenue. The TV brands were Samsung, Singer, Vista, Xiaomi, Walton, Vision Smart TV, Sony Bravia, Jamuna LED TV, Transcom Digital, Electra, Konka.

- Affiliate Marketing: Generate additional revenue by earning a 1% commission on every sale through strategic partnerships.

- Promotional Opportunities: Brands can offer exclusive deals and discounts to TV Mela viewers, driving sales and brand loyalty.

Results for this campaign

- Dedicated Website: www.tvmela.pro became a buzzing hub with over 500000 users, engaging them through captivating video contents and immersive experience.

- E-commerce Evolution: TV Mela pioneered a groundbreaking e-commerce model, generating combined revenue of USD 70,000 (ad + affiliate) and driving new revenue streams for Prothom Alo.

- Shopping Spree: Over 500K e-commerce visitors, 2,500 cart additions with an average value of USD 200, and 8.7 million video views showcase the platform's success.

- Viral Reach: Social media engagement soared to 10 million, with an average of 50,000 views per video, amplifying brand awareness and reach.




Prothom Alo's TV Mela stands as a testament to the power of innovation and strategic communication. It redefined the retail landscape, leaving audiences captivated, brands reaping the rewards of a successful digital revolution, and Prothom Alo experiencing significant revenue growth through a diversified approach.


TV Mela URL: https://tvmela.pro/


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