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Dublin, Ireland

Category Commerce

Overview of this campaign

In 2022, as part of a strategic ambition to build a future fit sales organisation, Mediahuis conducted extensive analysis to understand the sources and drivers of value within its client base for commercial print advertising.

A  three year regression analysis revealed a significant volume of low value clients that were being directly managed by an account manager resulting in disproportionately high costs to serve. These insights were instrumental in building a shared perspective amongst senior stakeholders that allowed for quick agreement on the strategic direction of travel.

The business decided to reduce the cost to serve by creating and implementing a low value low touch service model. Low value direct clients would be migrated to an online self-serve advertising solution which was sourced and customised by Mediahuis TPS (Technology &  Product Studio) through and in conjunction with their preferred software vendor.

This new online self-service platform had a newly created proprietary sub brand identity; YourAdNow.  The solutionallows customers to sell, inform or acknowledge key life milestones by placing an ad and connecting with their community through a range of titles from Irelands leading publisher.

The key performance indicators were;

1. Campaign Effectiveness

2. Website Traffic

3. Customer adoption

4. Revenue achievement  

5. Positive OPEX Impact

The integrated multi-channel marketing campaign had several components including a generic execution which was supported by three separate executions centred around  use cases and client need states;

1. In memorium

2. Property planning notices

3. Sale of farming supplies.

The CTA directed the customer to dedicated landing pages on Mediahuis,ie and to ensure findability the site was fully optimised for organic search. A virtual customer success team was put in place to support a frictionless client experience and encourage customer adoption they were supported by a series of ‘How To’ videos which were based on customer queries.

Due to the success of this initiative, the business has committed to the development and launch of Phase 2 in 2024.


Results for this campaign

1. Campaign Effectiveness
The YourAdNow multichannel national and local campaign was soft launched in October 2022, followed by a full market launch in January 2023.
The creative idea was centred around client need states and was localised to run across all Mediahuis print and digital titles in the Irish market across 2023. It was effective in driving awareness, engagement and consideration. It drove 100k+ campaign interactions from digital display and paid search.
Independent effectiveness research conducted by RAM measured the creative to have 112% above the average action score and 70% above the above the average effectiveness score for house adverts.

2. Website Traffic
The YourAdNow landing page, which was the CTA (call to action) across the integrated campaign, received +123k unique visitors across 2023.
To test copy wear out and sustained campaign effectiveness, all communications were rested for a period of time in September. There was a significant reduction in traffic to the landing page, -19.8% from 13th-19th September 2023 v. the previous week of 6th-12th September 2023.

3. Customer adoption
Migration of addressable market to was crucial to the success of this initiative, a virtual customer success team was put in place to encourage customer adoption and demonstrate the frictionless client experience.
This team of customer success agents were instrumental in driving customer adoption and uniquely positioned to migrating those customers, accustomed to a high touch sales model, to a self-service platform. This was all the more challenging based of the profile of the cohort who were aged 40+ and often slow to change and to adopt new technologies.
Their systematic and customer centric approach drove the adoption rate to 50% of the addressable market by December 2023.

4. Revenue
2023 revenues from YourAdNow were €1,058m, which was its first full year of operation. The total volume of transactions was 13,227 and the average transaction value was €80.

5. Positive OPEX Impact
There a positive OPEX impact from a headcount reduction on the Direct Sales Team of €480k.


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