Online Brochure 'Super Push'
2024 Finalist

Online Brochure 'Super Push'


Schwarzach, Austria

Category Commerce

Overview of this campaign

In an increasingly saturated digital landscape, commanding attention is paramount. The brochure Super Push addresses this challenge head-on, offering a potent blend of visibility and engagement. With print media facing declining circulation and increasing advertising avoidance, our mission was to reinvent the traditional supplement for the digital age, catering to Vorarlberg's residents.

Our collaboration with Adnami expanded the billboard position's advertising zone, allowing for impactful, bold digital ads that resonate and yield high-quality outcomes.

We've achieved this by creating a single, high-impact ad product that is universally compatible and effortless to create.

The Russmedia Impact Special Package SUPERPUSH encapsulates our vision: "One day - all of Vorarlberg - 100% reach!" This package synergizes print and digital mediums, not only retaining existing customers but also attracting new readers and users. It streamlines the advertising process with a single point of contact and a robust network, ensuring that messages reach their intended audience precisely and impactfully.

Results for this campaign

Our collaboration with Lumen Research, utilizing eye-tracking technology, validated the TOPSCROLL's effectiveness compared to standard formats:

The TOPSCROLL garnered 72 times more 'eyes-on' attention than standard banners.

Prompted ad recall was seven times higher.

On average, viewers engaged with the TOPSCROLL creative 16 times longer.

These results underscore the TOPSCROLL's value proposition. It not only captures attention effectively but also offers a large canvas for showcasing products and special offers, including PDF supplements. This dual functionality is equally effective on web and mobile platforms, with excellent user engagement through simple scrolling interactions.

In addition, the Newsletter, the ePaper ad and the Social Media campaign reaches around 25% of Vorarlberg population. They came across the digital brochure in their mailbox, their VN App/Browser and on social media.


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