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It's Brisbane's Time
2024 Finalist

It's Brisbane's Time

Brisbane Times

North Sydney, Australia

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

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Overview of this campaign

Our research identified that while many Brisbanites are open to paying for online news (45% of Brisbane’s 1.4M residents), they are seeking a more progressive and optimistic local news source - and they didn’t believe any of the available publications currently meets those needs. And many had never heard of Brisbane Times.

Our research supported this:

  • Weak brand awareness - Of the 630,000 people in Brisbane willing to pay for news, only 5 in 10 were able to recall Brisbane Times - significantly below category average. 

  • Low levels of consideration - Of those that were aware of Brisbane Times, only 43% would consider it as a source of paid online news, despite research indicating appetite for a more progressive local news source - illustrating a lack of familiarity with the mastheads’ offering.

In order to realise the significant growth opportunity for Brisbane Times it was clear we needed to address the awareness and familiarity issues, but importantly also reposition it to demonstrate our distinct brand of journalism and meet audience needs.

A two-phase strategy would allow us to harness the growth opportunity: 

  1. Reposition Brisbane Times to authentically capture the hearts and minds of locals - the ‘Progressive Brisbanites’ that formed our ‘target audience’.

  2. Build fast fame around Brisbane Times - taking the brand to market through an emotive, large-scale campaign that generated local talkability and pride. 

Results for this campaign

The campaign delivered significant uplifts in brand awareness, consideration and ultimately, business performance.

The campaign delivered significant QoQ uplifts across the funnel including: 

  • +4% increase in Brand Awareness

  • +6% increase in Brand Familiarity

  • +5% increase in Brand Consideration 


During the 8-week campaign period we recorded: 

  • +369% uplift in subscription volumes

  • +11.8% uplift in visits to brisbanetimes.com.au 

  • 41,667 unique visits to the Campaign Landing page

  • 5,873 QR scans from the giant floating Flotilla - confirming we truly captured the attention of inner-city Brisbanites


The creative also helped us emotionally connect with our audience:

  • 82% of those who saw the campaign feeling more positive about Brisbane Times

  • 69% who saw the campaign felt immediately more likely to consider Brisbane Times for a subscription? 

  • 44% who saw the campaign able to correctly take-out the message. 




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