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Context Changes Everything: Bloomberg Media Brand Awareness
2024 Finalist

Context Changes Everything: Bloomberg Media Brand Awareness


New York, United States

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Overview of this campaign

Today’s media landscape is fraught with complexity and accusations of bias. At Bloomberg we look through a business lens and follow the money to reveal the world as it objectively is. Our journalists’ mission is to provide investment-grade news, analysis and insight to help our audiences understand the true context in which they make decisions and try to change things for the better. When they have context they are empowered to effect whatever change is important to them; in their jobs, businesses, careers, communities and lives. This informed our new brand platform, Context Changes Everything, which we launched with a two-month campaign in September 2023.

This campaign aimed to achieve several objectives:


  • Unify all Bloomberg Media consumer marketing under one brand idea and design system

  • Create a consistent experience through the funnel

  • Drive understanding of how our objective, data-driven journalism looks through a business lens to explain how the world works

  • Hero the breadth of our content and platforms


  • Deliver positive ROI within the campaign window for our subscription business

  • Drive 5% lift in traffic to Bloomberg.com

Results for this campaign

This campaign achieved and exceeded all its objectives.


This work has been monumentally successful. For the first time Bloomberg Media has a single consumer brand proposition that unites all of our content, platforms and lines of business under one platform, design system and messaging framework. It clearly delivers both a high-level and motivating brand message about the importance of investing in the best available business journalism, while specifically showcasing examples that prove that promise. It continues to prove its flexibility as we develop many new campaigns that will sit under the Context Changes Everything banner into 2024.

Crucially it is not just external audiences that are responding positively to the work. In a news organization it is critical that marketing reflects the true values and approach of its newsroom. Marketing must distill and honestly present the brand of journalism that is defined and owned by the journalists themselves - the marketers have an obligation to represent their work as it really is. We’re particularly proud of how we’re doing that with Context Changes Everything and it has transformed the relationship between marketing and the newsroom.


This upper-funnel campaign was intended to achieve a positive ROI over the long term. It achieved that within the timeframe of the media flight, and as brand investment is intended to do, it will continue to drive further ROI over the long tail of its effect on the rest of our marketing funnel.

More importantly, this campaign significantly improved our overall ROI on our total media investment during the campaign window, making our mid and lower-funnel marketing much more effective. Our upper-funnel investment allowed media to scale 3x while maintaining efficiency vs. acquisition-only media mix.

Specific results have been submitted confidentially to the judges.


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