Read Over Manipulation
2024 Finalist

Read Over Manipulation

Warsaw, Poland

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

• Image: Until recently opinion-forming media epitomized reliability, credibility, independence, and pluralism of views. Nowadays new threats are appearing due to the changing and expanding definition of media(social media, content creators, influencers, live streaming, video commentary, reaction videos, podcasts, etc.) as well as the model of their consumption (mobile phones, creating feeds on your own social media, algorithms that provide us with specific materials). We are not able to verify all information with such a large amount of content available. We believe credible and verified agents. The campaign aimed to show/remind current and potential readers that is a trustworthy outlet that acts against manipulation of the audiences.

• Sales: Sales and extension of subscriptions, but also reaching a new group of readers. Most people "from our bubble" who needed to buy a subscription had already done so, so our goal was also to reach new users, leveraging the election period when interest in politics grows and when people desire access to verified and useful information and are more willing to pay for them.

• Mission: It was no coincidence that the campaign took place in the pre-election period. We wanted to draw attention to how important it is to verify all information (including election promises and statements) to avoid manipulation and vote based on true premises.

We also created a series of videos in which we animated not only contrasting words but also showed the manipulation procedure itself, in a picture. By presenting one shot and a slogan in close-up, and then - only changing the perspective and zooming out - we showed that the full image can have a completely different meaning of the message. We developed video materials using artificial intelligence because this allowed us to significantly reduce costs. So far, most marketing campaigns that used AI were created "for the sake of art" and not because they genuinely solved a problem, e.g. reduced production costs.

Results for this campaign

  • Wyborcza's campaign included activities in online and offline channels carried out on the Internet (Google, Meta, TikTok, and websites), in the press, radio, cinemas, as well as on outdoor advertising media in Warsaw (outdoor and digital outdoor) and mobi jets in urban space. At the march of opposition groups, attended by 1 million people, we were present with campaign slogans and banners that we handed out. The demonstrators eagerly used our boards because they fit perfectly into the pre-election debate context. People considered our slogans to be relatable and trustworthy, hence they wanted to carry them on the march.The strongest point of the campaign was its "perfect timing" - setting it in the context of the pre-election period (when we were all even more exposed to manipulation), combined with the opportunity we created for the recipients - to experience this manipulation first-hand when they read over the campaign
  • We reached new groups of recipients and strengthened the image of as a reliable website that guards reliable information and supervises the authorities.
  • The digital campaign reached 22.5 million views, of which over 8 million were people who had no previous contact with the website
  • Over 500,000 visits of new readers on the website during the campaign.
  • Offline activities in the outdoor and digital outdoor areas supported the image campaign with additional reach. The ambient activities themselves, during the march of opposition groups in Warsaw, in which 1 million people took part, expanded the reach of the campaign by an additional several hundred thousand (over 400 people carried banners with slogans).
  • Increase in direct traffic on the website in the period between 15/09-15/10.


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