Podcast "Vdoma"/Zuhause
2024 Finalist

Podcast "Vdoma"/Zuhause


Oldenburg, Germany

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Overview of this campaign


As a media house, it is crucial in the current times, marked by numerous problems and challenges, to report calmly and objectively, shedding light on various topics. We aim to be the guiding compass for our readers in the region – that is our message. Therefore, we consider it important to report on the immediate consequences of Russia's attack on Ukraine, to break down prejudices against people who have sought refuge here, to promote mutual understanding, and to bring clarity to the debates. 

That is why the podcast is released in Ukrainian and German with the aim of facilitating a connection among Ukrainians who have experienced similar situations and are now facing similar challenges: living a different life in a foreign country. That's why there will be recurring service segments providing assistance on specific questions about life in Germany. In Lower Saxony live currently more than 100.000 people from Ukraine.  

For many Ukrainians, it's a life between worlds – some wish to stay indefinitely, while others want to return quickly to their old home. The podcast narrates the lives of these individuals who suddenly find themselves in the midst of a war, fearing for their lives, and building a new life in Germany. 

The German episodes show people in the northwest, but also nationwide, what it feels like to start anew in another country while simultaneously living in a kind of limbo - between their home in Ukraine and a potential new home in Germany. 

Lina Safronova is as a host the key figure. She knows both sides: the escape from Ukraine, the view of the homeland under attack, the worries and struggles - and at the same time, she experiences something that many Ukrainians in Germany are now facing: building a new life. 

Lina Safronova speaks both Ukrainian and German, which is, of course, an advantage for both the production and the audience.


Results for this campaign

The first eight episodes (four in Ukrainian, four in German) have now been released - altogether, these episodes have been streamed 3000 times. Overall, the German episodes are slightly more listened to than the Ukrainian ones.  

The episodes are promoted through various channels: social media, cross-promotion on other podcasts, newsletters, the website, radio advertisements, newspapers, Sunday papers, and WhatsApp groups of people from Ukraine. 

For our media group, this podcast represents a significant challenge and opportunity. We aim to take a topic that holds national importance and break it down to a local level, making it tangible and relatable through our moderator and regional stories. Simultaneously, we put in extra effort in producing the episodes overall. We take more time to craft the stories in a compelling narrative and tell them with empathy. We haven't undertaken a project of this nature before. The feedback from the audience across various channels has been very positive. We plan to produce three more episodes and then assess how a continuation and further development could look like.  

Podcasting is a focal point for us as a medium. As a regional media house, we are currently expanding the department to two full-time positions (previously one half-time position). This year, we aim to increase our reach by 50 percent to 1.2 million. Our Ukraine podcast is a component of our podcast strategy and an important test for future podcast projects.


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