F.A.Z. Essentials Our First Feature
2024 Finalist

F.A.Z. Essentials Our First Feature

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Category Artificial Intelligence

Overview of this campaign

Over the past years, our primary focus has been on our subscribers. We've endeavored to gain a deeper understanding of themgrasping their behaviors, motivations, and needs.

Our FAZ subscribers are avid users of our FAZ.NET app. Thanks to our carefully curated topics and their presentation within the app, readers stay thoroughly informed. Furthermore, we offer personalized reading recommendations, allowing readers to delve into their interests more comprehensively.

With tailored topics and authors, readers now enjoy quicker, more targeted access to their favorite articles.

But is providing the right content sufficient for our subscribers?

No, we have still not yet been able to solve our subscribers' main problem, which is that they only have a limited amount of time available for close reading and would like a better overview and faster access to content.

Through in-depth interviews, our subscribers have repeatedly expressed the desire to have a way of quickly grasping the core statements and content of a text, to get a quick overview or summary: What is the article about? What are the key points? What should you take away from the article?

Problem to Be Solved

Our goal with new services or tools is to ensure consistently high quality.
Condensing articles into summaries posed a previously unsolvable challenge on many levels.

We have neither the resources in the editorial department to write a summary in addition to the article, nor could we guarantee the necessary quality with automated solutions.

The utilization of generative LLM has finally provided a solution to meet user demands.

Results for this campaign


The latest stage of generative AI development allows us to revolutionize the design and preparation of news products. We integrate this technology into various editorial processes, facilitating more nuanced research and optimized texts.

Implementing generative AI for producing article summaries directly impacts the user experience. For the first time, our subscribers now have the opportunity to read the essential content of an article as a supplement to a text. This leads to significant quality improvements and overwhelmingly positive feedback.

This premium feature is exclusive to our subscribers. The new feature is a special highlight, which is why we gave it the name F.A.Z. ESSENTIALS.

How It Works


a. Classification: Articles are categorized post-publication by an engine into segments like Comment, Storytelling, Interview, News, Analysis, Glossary, etc.

b. Through the initial prompt level, the article is condensed to its essential information, resulting in a coherent text.

c. This text is further refined into bullet points via a second prompt stage.

Trained AI compresses each article into a concise set of bullet points, typically 3-5, maintaining content, depth, and tone. On average, article volume is reduced by 89%.

Flexibility and Economic Efficiency

F.A.Z. ESSENTIALS the Compressed Content Micro-Servicecan be utilized in various capacities due to its independent production line: Directly within articles, As a TTS audio file, As an article teaser, As a push service email or short message


This new micro-service provides unparalleled depth of information in an efficient format with minimal time investment. Subscribers can delve into personally relevant articles based on this high- level information, resulting in a satisfaction rate exceeding 90%. "F.A.Z. ESSENTIALS " contributes another layer to our pursuit of delivering the best news experience for our loyal subscribers.


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