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How Can I Help You? How Our AI Voicebot Solves Complaints and Strengthens Customer Loyalty
2024 Finalist

How Can I Help You? How Our AI Voicebot Solves Complaints and Strengthens Customer Loyalty

Nordwest-Zeitung and Weser-Kurier

Oldenburg and Bremen, Germany

Category Artificial Intelligence

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Overview of this campaign

The challange

Regional media companies such as the Nordwest-Zeitung and the WESER-KURIER are primarily growing through digital subscriptions. Despite this, the majority of the 200,000 subscribers receive the traditional print edition of their daily newspaper delivered to their homes hot off the press in the early hours of the morning - a process that inclued complex logistics.

Delays in delivery are caused by general staff shortages or short-term absences due to illness. In the worst case, a newspaper may not be delivered at all.

Although readers receive digital information about delays and can easily alert the paper of a delivery breakdown online or via an app, many still prefer to contact them by phone.

  • For the agents, this meant recurring calls and long queues
  • For subscribers, this meant long waiting times and, on top of not being able to read their newspaper, an unsatisfactory service experience

The objectives of project MVP were clearly defined:

  • Agent relief via AI Voicebot should take over 20% of telephone complaints in natural language and process them on a case-by-case basis
  • A smoth, pre-qualified hand-over to the agent in all other cases
  • Customer service availability should significantly increase, especially at peak times
  • Seamless integration of the AI solution into the media companies' existing technical infrastructure, including the telephone system, SAP, and Salesforce
  • The AI Voicebot should prevent cancellations from poor customer service availability
  • Implementation of an MVP should happen as fast as possible, to grant agents immediate relief
  • Refinancing in just one year

Medien Hub Bremen-Nordwest, is a joint venture of Nordwest-Zeitung and WESER-KURIER, specializes in comprehensive services for online product, customer, and process management for a network of regional publishers in the Northwest of Germany. We teamed up with our colleagues from Mediensystempartner (MSP)  to find the best AI plattform for our use case. In the end, the AI platform Parloa and implementation partner SC Soft from Hamburg were the perfect fit for us to reach our goals.

Results for this campaign

From the very first day, the Voicebot not only achieved the goals we had set, but exceeded them. The benefits for our customers are enormous – complaints are now processed within seconds. They used to experience long wait times before they could even speak to an employee. The feedback and the results are definitely positive, so that AI will continue to enrich our customer service in the future and we will continue to expand AI services.

Overview of the MVPs results:

  • Increased efficiency: 30% of telephone complaints are now processed automatically by the AI Voicebot – 10% more than originally planned.
  • Authentication and pre-qualification: 70% fewer authentications by agents.
  • Fast implementation: The project launched in six weeks.
  • Technical integration: Both media companies, the phone system, Salesforce, and SAP were integrated smoothly within a month.
  • Service quality: Customer service availability has significantly improved.
  • Satisfaction: Both customers and agents are more satisfied.
  • Refinancing: in 6 month (6 month faster than expected)
  • Customer loyalty: Improved service allows the company to avoid subscription cancellations.

What happens next?

  • Expanding feedback options: In addition to current complaints, customers will also be able to submit complaints for past periods via AI Voicebot in future. This will continue to refine the service process and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Integrating vacation service: Another important step on the roadmap is the implementation of vacation service. Customers should be able to conveniently cancel their newspapers for certain periods of time. This use case is not only important to subscribers, but also allows for the efficient logistical planning for employee resources.
  • Expanding channels: Comparable AI integration in the processing of written customer transactions (focus on emails)


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