Going All In: AI Driven, Fully Automated and Personalized Frontpage Experience
2024 Finalist

Going All In: AI Driven, Fully Automated and Personalized Frontpage Experience

KStA Digitale Medien

Cologne, Germany

Category Artificial Intelligence

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Overview of this campaign

·Recommender-Appl. are a central part of our personalization strategy
·KStA Medien was able to experiment and achieve first successes within ML-bases appllications in the past; in 2022 on ksta.de with a recommender consisting of 6 articles within a dedicted box on frontpage.
·We wanted to develop an application that is capable of delivering a fully automated and personalized frontpage experience for every single user; explicit without any login boundaries.
·The application is based on an ensamble of topic-ranking algorithms, collaborative filter algorythms and specific settings in alignment with the editorial output and workflow.
·Backbone of the application is our cloud-based setup and our extensive data-collection setup.
·Setup is A/B testing „native“; we wanted to achieve full transparency and a honest evaluation of ist performance.
·Challenges like "cold-start" problems for unknown users/news users needed to be solved as well.
·Goal is to increase engagement and loyalty of users and optimize the editorial workflows at the same time.

Results for this campaign

·Results are stunning; more than +50% in user-engagement on the frontpage
·80% of the frontpage are fully automated and personalized. Therefore the editorial workflows heavily increased in effectiveness. More focus on content and less site management.


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