Be a Part of the Story
2024 Finalist

Be a Part of the Story

Jagran Prakashan

New Delhi, India

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign



In India, the festive time is a great time for advertising.


Advertising in and around this season hits its peak. There’s festivity in the air, it’s an auspicious time to buy, consumers are willing to spend, and advertisers slug it out to grab eyeballs.


Advertising spends are at their peak during the October festive season in India. Oct accounts for 14% of the Annual Ad Spends on Newspapers in India.


Newspapers ad sales teams are in action mode around this time.




The category during this period is commoditized by many newspapers offering huge discounts.




So we created a story around a fictitious mafia don who wanted to scout for the best deals. However, to secure the best deal, the don needed to play a game. This was our idea in the new season of Casino Grande with an all new game through which media buyers could get deals from Dainik Jagran.


The objectives were

1. To grow volumes

2. To increase our market share during the festive period

3. To get new advertisers

Results for this campaign

We created a game which media buyers could play to secure a deal. The game had multiple levels of play including Pre-festival deals, Festival deals and Post-festival deals. Overall, it was a game through which one could buy advertising packages from 9th Sep onwards for the next 83 days. Once the media buyers got into the game, they were just led into playing one level after the other. With each level, the advertising packages got more lucrative. The buyer could play as many levels as they wanted, and exit when they liked.


NO NEGOTIATIONS: Instead, Media Buyers played a game to get a deal.

GAME ALGORITHM PUSHES YOU AHEAD: With each level played the deal got better. The game’s algorithm was programmed to nudge buyers to go higher than their planned spend.

DYNAMIC PRICING LEADING UP TO THE FESTIVE: There’s an inauspicious period of 21 days before the festive season. Advertising during this time is low because consumers avoid purchasing big ticket items. We covered this period with dynamic everyday pricing.

GOING BEYOND THE FESTIVE: Immediately after the festival, the ad market is stagnant. Here again, we introduced dynamic pricing. We created a ‘time-decay’ factor in ad pricing during Pre/Post festive deals.


  1. 119 deals signed through the game
  2. Amongst advertisers who participated in the Game
  • Dainik Jagran had a majority Market Share of 46.2%. During comparable period in 2022, amongst these advertisers, Dainik Jagran’s market share was 40.1%. This means that in 2023, we got an incremental boost to market share.
  • Volume growth of 32% over last year
  1. Ripple Effect on overall advertising: We added 3449 new advertisers during this period in 2023 compared to last year. Amongst them, we had a 42.9% market share compared to 19.7% for the No.2 newspaper.

In a crowded market, Dainik Jagran sales representatives got dedicated time with buyers, and steered Media Buying discussions from “negotiating” for discounts to “earning” discounts through a game.


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