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2024 Finalist

Expressen Story

Bonnier News

Stockholm, Sweden

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

The goal was to cross-publish and make Expressen's best journalism directly accessible from social media even on its own platform, thus engaging a young audience accustomed to the video format of social media. To capitalize on this required a completely new advertising experience in a vertical and social media-friendly format, providing an alternative to customers accustomed to advertising on social media platforms. To finance free and independent journalism, it was high time to regain market shares lost to the less scrupulous global tech giants, whose consumer protection sense has been up for debate many times recently.

The new video player needed to have minimal loading time and generate as little data usage as possible - all for a better viewing experience. Expressen's UX designers focused on capturing an intuitive experience that reflects a user behavior familiar from social media platforms, but still feels like Expressen. In this way, the player becomes a modern video experience for vertical formats on the site, enabling users to watch videos on Expressen in a way they are accustomed to from platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Results for this campaign

Expressen's new innovation is as simple as it is ingenious.

By translating its own successful formats from social platforms to its own site and building a unique advertising solution, Expressen has taken the market by storm in record time.

On the mobile site's homepage and sports section, visitors can now enjoy vertical videos in a specially designed player, with a social media-inspired advertising solution.

Expressen's best journalism from social media is now also seen on the newspaper's own platform, engaging young viewers accustomed to the video format of social media. The video player with minimal loading time and data usage has created a perfectly optimal viewing experience.

The financial success has been immediate - and significant. The interest in advertising in the new video player has been sensational. Over 50 different customers have already purchased ads, and the value of the increased inventory created thanks to the innovation is estimated at about 60 million kronor per year. Money that goes directly to financing society-supporting journalism.


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