Expressen bus becomes mobile marketing tool, strengthens local brand

by Per-Anders Broberg        

Media house transitions its “Expressen Valstuga” (“election hut”) into its “Expressen Bus,” taking the concept mobile and engaging local consumers in more than just politics.

Click the image to view a larger versionDuring the 2010 election in Sweden, we created “The Expressen Valstuga” — an “election hut.” This was a unique project that became the hub of our coverage of the election. 
One year later, “The Expressen Valstuga” was transformed into a bus – “The Expressen Bus.” Another success was born. With the bus, we wanted to take the concept one step further — to be mobile and to use it in multiple contexts and environments. The Expressen Bus premiered on June 7, 2011. During seven months in 2011, the bus was out on the streets more than 50 times and had thousands of visitors.
The Expressen Bus offers a connection between the reader and co-workers. It is a mobile editorial in which the news, events, or readers became a playground for Expressen TV — and a clear symbol of our active journalism as well as a successful marketing tool for the media house Expressen.
In The Expressen Bus, we are organising debates and interviews, inviting the readers to participate and take part of what’s going on — from home or on location. Here are some examples of where the bus campaign has been used:
  • Televised debate between the prime minister and the leader of the main party in opposition outside the parliament building.
  • International tennis tournament in Båstad.
  • The Free Dawit campaign (a campaign to stand up for the Swedish-Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaak, who has been imprisoned in Eritrea for more than 10 years).
  • International football competitions.
  • The Swedish Idol tour.
  • Celebrating the Swedish holiday Lucia.
  • At the Pride festival in Stockholm, where the Express Bus took part in the Pride procession on the streets of Stockholm.
And more. Much more.
From the bus, we broadcast live at Expressen TV, our Web TV channel, as well as on the first page of our Web site. The Expressen Bus also has its own section in the newspaper, and we reported from the bus on more than 100 pages in the newspaper during 2011. 
We have broadcast live on 21 occasions (the longest was eight hours!) and released another 50 Web TV spots. The bus has had its own slots on — Web and mobile — containing both live reporting as Web TV features and articles. 
The bus is a powerful statement on the streets that Expressen is in place, Expressen is reporting, and Expressen is creating opportunities for readers and viewers to take part in a range of activities and interests. The Expressen Bus was a major factor in various studies that show we have strengthened our brand and increased our credibility.

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