In the summer of 2000, two Estonian newspapers, Sönumileht and Õhtuleht, merged. Pritt Leito, managing director of the combined entity, SL Õhtuleht, spoke on the challenges bringing the organisations together and their move from single-copy to subscription-driven entities.

Subscribers are an important asset. The benefits they offer include:
  • Stable Circulation: In times of slow single-copy sales, a strong base of subscription readers can offer vital support for a newspaper.
  • Readership Boost: Subscribers can generate stronger readership figures for newspapers than single-copy sales.
  • Up-Front Payments: Subscribers are beneficial to a newspaper’s finances as they pay for the product in advance, rather that at the point of sale as is the case with single-copy distribution.
  • Rural Reach: Particularly in the more remote areas of Estonia, with fewer newsstands and other single-copy outlets, subscriptions have proven to be the only way to reach people.
SL Õhtuleht pursues a number of methods to attract subscribers. These include home delivery systems, advantageous pricing, subscription campaigns, and an autopay feature. These autopay subscribers have...
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