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INMA Knows is a content surfacing project designed to personally curate all association resources on a single subject of high interest to INMA members

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Connecting With Community

As reader revenue grows in importance, being a part of the community your readers feel connected to is key.

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COVID-19 Response

INMA continues to cover how coronavirus crisis is affecting news media companies throughout the world as they deal with staff, advertising, product opportunities, and an uncertain revenue future.

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Digital Platforms

INMA launched its Digital Platforms Initiative on the first day of 2019. Few things are more intertwined with the revenue success of the news media industry — from readers and advertisers — than its relationship with Big Tech.

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INMA dives into case studies and strategic advice as mobile continues to grow in its importance as a key part of media's digital strategy.

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From obvious niche newsletters (sports, politics, breaking news) to pop-up newsletters (COVID-19, the World Cup, cannabis), news media companies around the world are finding success with this efficient and evolving way to reach audiences. Here are case studies and research into what that success looks like.

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Among media companies that have invested heavily in personalisation, the strategy has fallen short of expectations in lieu of smarter and smarter segmentation. Here are news brands pushing the edge of personalisation to grow subscriptions, reader engagement, and advertising sales.

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Podcasts and Audio

The podcast industry generated an estimated US$479.1 million in revenue in 2018, up 53% from the year before, and is expected to produce more than US$1 billion by 2021. INMA members have share important content on the topic here.

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Print Engagement

INMA content on print focuses on unique ways to engage audiences with a platform as unique as mobile, audio, and desktop.

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Subscriber Retention

From best practices in onboarding and newsletters to research on removing payment friction and how best to get the newsroom involved, INMA has a deep trove of case studies, research, and opinions on how to keep readers as subscribers.

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Third-Party Cookies and Advertising

The phaseout of third-party cookies in 2022 will change the digital advertising ecosystem and force news media companies to accelerate first-party data strategies that redefine what makes advertising relevant to users.

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From mobile content to branding campaigns, INMA members are investing more and more in video as engagement numbers continue to rise.

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