Online report (dashboard) with nearly 350 charts and tables

Authorised employees of the participating INMA member companies will get access to the benchmarked KPIs in the form of an online report (dashboard):

  • The online report contains six sections of aggregated and anonymised KPIs: Performance Overview, General Trends, Engagement, Registration, Subscription, Glossary and sample.
  • The sections on engagement and registration have four parts: Overview, Cohorts, Scorecard, and Funnel.
  • The section on subscriptions has five additional parts: Penetration scorecard, Penetration cohorts, Forecasts, Lifetime value and Funnel cohorts.
  • Trends show changes of the metrics across the benchmarking sample of brands. All data about trends is anonymised, recalculated into indices and presented as an aggregate.
  • Personalised Scorecards compare performance of individual brands to the median and upper quartile in the whole sample and in the cohorts of similar brands. Brand names are anonymised, data points are recalculated into indices and ratios.
  • Cohorts enable you to view KPIs by particular segments to see what is happening across different tiers.
  • Penetration allows you to check the reach of digital-only subscriptions, all paid subscriptions, known users and all online users vs. in-market households. Or check the proportion of paid subscriptions that are digital-only, or the ratio of registered users to subscribed.
  • Funnels allow you to compare performance at each stage of the customer lifecycle - from reached to subscribed.
  • Forecasts allow you to see the prediction of your future digital-only subscription business KPIs that we have made based on your historic performance.
  • Lifetime value shows survival (retention) rates - the proportion of new digital-only subscribers active during the first three years of a relationship and digital-only subscription lifetime value - the total revenue that an average digital-only subscription will generate over three years.
  • Glossary and sample presents the definitions of the metrics and KPIs presented in the report.
  • We add new data to the report in batches once a quarter, As publishers verify, revise and add data points on an on-going basis, we update selected KPIs every two weeks.

Insights and analysis during webinars

Employees of the participating companies can also attend exclusive webinars curated by INMA:

  • Once a quarter INMA organises a meet-up to present an original analysis of the data, a commentary based on academic research and case studies illustrating trends, problems and solutions.
  • We invite executives of the participating companies to tell stories behind the data, including examples of winning strategies and tactics leading to outstanding results.
  • On demand, we also organise private demonstrations and ask-me-anything sessions with INMA analysts for teams of the participating companies, during which we explain the report, the data and advise on ways to use the data.

Access to the community and assistance

After joining, you will become part of the INMA Benchmarking Community:

  • Your employees will meet peers who work in data, audience engagement and subscriptions during private webinars, and discuss best ways to interpret the data, stories of outliers and best practices discovered through benchmarking.
  • On your request, we can match you to peer publishers with relevant experience or expertise in the area of your interest.
  • Throughout the project you will get access to an online help desk and assistance in the process of data collection, verification, analysis and reporting.

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