Rewarding outstanding achievement and career potential among young professionals in the news media industry

The deadline to apply for the 2021 edition has now passed. In the coming weeks our judges will be reviewing all qualified applications.
Register here for the live Zoom session on September 30 to be the first to discover the winners

Early career achievements

Insights into innovation

Ability to influence

Leadership potential

About INMA's “30 Under 30” Awards

The news media industry craves the infusion of young professionals into its ranks. They represent Millennial and Generation Z voices. They rejuvenate workplace cultures. They help reimagine news brands in a complex digital environment. They represent our industry’s future.

Through its Young Professionals Initiative, the International News Media Association (INMA) aims to find 30 rising stars in news media with early career achievements, insights into innovation, ability to influence, and likely management skills across advertising, audience, business intelligence, content and product, and leadership functions at media companies.

We seek outstanding individual applicants based on merit and an “30 Under 30” class that represents the diverse markets news media serves worldwide: race, creed, colour, gender, and more.


Must be employed by a news media company

Must be under the age of 30 as of September 1, 2021

Must be a big picture thinker with an ability to shape the news media industry

Must have demonstrated expertise and accomplishments thus far in your career

Must bring soft skills that make a great leader or show talent: knowledge-hungry, team player, entrepreneurial spirit

Fees and deadlines

For the “30 Under 30” Awards, there is no application fee

Deadline to apply
Friday, July 30, 2021

The deadline to apply for the 2021 edition has now passed. Judges are currently reviewing all qualified applications in the next weeks.
Register here for the live Zoom session on September 30 to be the first to discover the winners

How recipients are selected

Communities of interest

6 outstanding individuals will be recognised among INMA’s 5 global communities:

  • Advertising
  • Audience
  • Content
  • Product
  • Leadership

Who will judge

Members of the INMA Young Professionals Initiative Committee

6 Grand Prize Winners of the 2020 30 Under 30 Awards.

Members of the INMA Board of Directors

Apply now

Apply online here

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If you'd like to nominate someone for this award, click the appropriate link below and an email will be generated that you should send to your nominee (remember to hit the send button!). Be sure to add your recommendation in the email as your nominee will be asked to give one on the applicaton form (optional, but it will strengthen their application). Tell them (and us) why you think they should win this years 30 Under 30 Awards.
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