Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2020

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Here are the key findings from 'Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2020', Reuters Institute's annual report on the state of the industry.

Executive Summary
This year's report adopts a new format which highlights the views of digital leaders on the key issues facing the news industry and combines this with five forward-looking contributions from the Reuters Institute. The main purpose is to provide useful insights for the year ahead and to identify the most important media trends.

The last ten years were defined by the twin technological disruptions of mobile and social media, which fragmented attention, undermined advertising-based business models, and weakened the role of journalistic gatekeepers. At the same time, social and political disruptions have affected trust in journalism and led to attacks on independent news media in many countries. The next decade will be defined by increasing regulation of the internet and attempts to re-establish trust in journalism and a closer connection with audiences. It will also be rocked by the next wave of technological disruption from AI-driven automation, big data, and new visual and voice-based interfaces. All this against a backdrop of economic and political uncertainty which will throw up further challenges to the sustainability of many news organisations.


A closed survey completed by 233 senior executives from 32 countries and is complemented by five essays that look at the year ahead.

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