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Measuring digital media trends in Flanders. Digimeter is a research initiative of imec1, the world’s leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies that aims at realizing breakthrough innovations – both in Flanders and the world – in application domains such as smart health(care), smart cities & mobility, smart industries and energy. Striving for economic and societal impact, we feel it is important to have a good understanding of end-user trends and habits.

With the digimeter project, imec.livinglabs aims to gather and share data and information about media and ICT usage in Flanders, and to do so systematically and on an annual basis, thereby leveraging a representative methodology. This provides imec researchers with reliable data and insights regarding the adoption and diffusion of (new) media and ICT, as well as the latest trends, habits and practices. This report serves as the public summary of these data. Because of its annual frequency, digimeter also serves as a monitor to detect and keep track of emerging trends and practices.


To avoid skewed figures caused by Internet access and computer ownership, a substantial part of respondent recruitment has been carried out offline by trained interviewers. Over the course of 7 weeks in August and September 2016, digimeter researchers enquired respondents from all over Flanders through recruitment events in large and small cities. As part of the recruitment exercise, interviewers visited markets, libraries, public parks, shopping streets, local markets, music festivals, events for people aged 55+, senior citizens’ associations, nursing homes and local pubs.

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