Going Digital: a Roadmap for Organisational Transformation

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Two decades a er the emergence of the internet, the structure of a new media ecosystem is becoming clear, as are the substantial challenges this presents to legacy media organisations. The research for this report started with the premise that legacy organisations need to put as much emphasis on transforming their organisations as they do on transforming their content. Drawing on extensive research involving over 60 interviews in a wide range of media organisations, it analyses the components of this organisational transformation, and what best practice in core dimensions looks like.


Over 60 interviews were conducted for this research, and I am grateful to the many very busy individuals who made time to talk. Their names are listed at the end of this report, but because all interviewees were extremely open about their challenges, and some issues are sensitive, all quotes have been anonymised (although interviewees’ companies are noted). A brief overview of the research process: the first stage entailed desk research to refine the core themes. International interviews were held to confirm their relevance. This having been done, the core research took place, with theme-based exploratory discussions in companies including Axel Springer, Conde´ Nast, CNN, Dagens Nyheter, El Pas, Financial Times, The Guardian, Google, Le Monde, Mic, Schibsted, the Daily Telegraph, The Economist, the New York Times, The Times, the Washington Post, Vice, and Vox. Preliminary findings were presented at three international conferences, deepened, and re ned, a er which this report was written.

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